Space Chinese style flavor blending scheme

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The chair back of the just good rich

flannelette is surrounded by the Oriental totem interwoven with wooden strips, small natural sculptures are framed in the ring on the wall storage cabinet, tall and short wine glasses are arranged on the rectangular lamp, the glass is pressed with elegant hand embroidery on silk, and the delicate hand-made pink Chinese knot is placed in the bright white porcelain plate

diversity of levels

the contemporary retro sofa lives in the middle of the space, the white soft bag reveals a strong fashion flavor, and two groups of seats with eastern and Western sense of time are matched on both sides. These three groups of seats are on each side. The Chinese elm square tea table is pressed in the center of the blue flower and bird ring woven by the carpet, forming a stable and quiet living space

bright and fresh living room

under a variety of style materials, it creates a magnificent visual beauty, emitting infinite imagination and sense of design. The plain sofa, with simple brown lines, outlines the face of the flannelette, compared with the deep pattern dark lines on the tea table paint; In the background, the magnificent screen with winding branches and vines, and the peacock low close to the blooming peony. The light and shadow transformation of the glass flower and the faint glaze mark of the plain fired porcelain bottle quietly attract people's attention, which is a pause in the visual journey. Either tough and bright, or delicate and graceful lines have generated a vibrant and expressive art form, creating a happy living room. This living room is a statement of the nostalgia of Oriental Scholars and their longing for a new era

mix and match of texture

life should be full of texture, and the choice of materials can also be very imaginable, including imitation gemstones, colored gold, enamel, baked pottery, irregular pearls, stainless steel panels and translucent materials




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