Yihe doors and windows listen to the day and night

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The choice of doors and windows is very important. Yihequan protective doors and windows protect your every bit with strength and quality

the four seasons in the world change different landscapes

but there are always some sounds that remain unchanged as time goes by

these familiar sounds are like needles and thread

sew memories into your heart needle by needle

every time you think of these sounds

you can always recall those years and things


the wind of that year

when my thoughts are confused, I like to listen to the wind best. I push the window and look at the lush plants coming. At the turn of spring and summer, the breeze is sweet but not greasy, blowing the branches and leaves rustling, and my restless heart gradually calms down


the laughter of that year

it's pleasant. In the afternoon, three or five friends sit idly in front of the window, listening to sweet music in the room across the outdoor whistle, talking to each other about the recent laughter with fresh and annoying tea, comfortable and leisurely


the collision sound of bowls and chopsticks that year

sitting on the sofa in the living room, through the sliding door of the kitchen, looking at the back of my mother busy in the kitchen, listening to the bare sound of the collision between kitchen oil and vegetables, flat and happy

what happened in those years above

doors and windows play a role in closing and connecting

doors and windows not only play a vital role as the facade of the house

but also the conductor of transmitting and blocking sound

so the choice of doors and windows is very important

Yihe fully protected doors and windows

protect your little bit by bit with strength and quality


titanium magnesium silicon alloy profile

high hardness, good toughness, corrosion resistance, self-developed profile structure, low density, good sealing property, strong waterproof, good toughness and corrosion resistance make the product have good plasticity and high strength


Yihe handle

the self-developed, designed and produced handle, the collision between perfect design and exquisite workmanship, not only conforms to the EU standard of export quality, but also perfectly presents the atmosphere of modern doors and windows


imported big brand handle

simple handle shape, internal special compression spring allows smooth and flexible adjustment, safe linkage device, so that the base and handle are integrated, 45 ° rotation positioning, crisp and pleasant mechanical rotation sound, showing the best quality of the handle




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