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What kind of cabinets are popular now? What about a good cabinet? Today, Yilian whole house customization will bring you to know and understand the cabinets, and the introduction of the popular new "Positano" series cabinets

the kitchen is a very important existence for a family. All the delicious food of the day is born here, so the quality of the kitchen cabinet will affect the chef to a certain extent. There are many ways of kitchen. Today, Xiaobian will tell you about the birth of Yilian kitchen

common cabinet forms

l type

cabinet equipment is arranged along the adjacent sides of the kitchen. It is suitable for kitchens with a net size of 1500m~2000m, or rooms larger than 2000m. The sink is generally set at the top of the L-shape, which can form a triangular area during operation, and it is convenient to operate

advantages: it conforms to the operation process of the whole cooking, is convenient and applicable, saves space, has a neat and beautiful appearance, and the layout design makes the space wider


the kitchen is equipped with cabinets on three sides, which is suitable for kitchens with large area and a plane close to square. When cooking, cooking, cutting and common tools can be placed on the left and right sides, which is very convenient

advantages: sufficient storage space and flexible equipment layout

island platform

island platform is located in the middle of the kitchen, which is suitable for kitchens with large space, such as large villas and independent houses. Island platform integrates operation platform, storage platform and dining table! It is a kitchen with feel, which is not common in ordinary houses

one line type

one line type refers to the arrangement of cabinet facilities on one side of the kitchen, which is suitable for narrow kitchens that can only arrange cabinet equipment on one side. It is very suitable for small and medium-sized households. Although the sparrow is small, it has all kinds of internal organs

advantages: the pipeline is short, economical, convenient for construction and concealment of horizontal pipelines

the birth of Iraqi love cabinet

after reading the above cabinet styles, is it very exciting? Therefore, cabinet customization is a kitchen decoration method that every family can't get around, but cabinet customization is a relatively cumbersome thing. Whether from the perspective of ergonomics, kitchen function zoning or internal partition storage, there are strict requirements and rigorous research. Now let's take a look at the birth process of Yilian's whole house custom cabinet ~

meet Positano

after watching the birth of "Positano", do you want to feel it on site

June 1-4

Hall 3, Century City, Chengdu 3c10

Yilian whole house customization

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6 categories, 7 styles Eight spaces

will be displayed during the exhibition ~

come to the scene and feel the charm of the new products of Elaine

new Positano cabinet series

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new Amalfi) Wardrobe series

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June 1-4

Yilian whole house customization

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