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(Kadi protects the family, quietly) when the Internet was launched, someone once used "eyeball economy" to locate its trade form. From this perspective, during the "Internet +" period, wooden door enterprises are more willing to manipulate the Internet as a foreword resource. Relying on the innovation drive of the Internet, the traditional wooden door marketing channels have also become more diverse and extensive

the oldest and traditional marketing are also implemented on the ground: single page distribution, promotional campaigns, entering the community, and roadshows. Later, it evolved into high-altitude participation. TV and advertising made the implementation more three-dimensional, while the Internet gave kimen enterprises more choices, and more variants appeared on the platform. In addition to the construction of e-commerce platforms on the cloud, there was also an ecosystem to create a fan economy, such as the creation of Weibo and wechat we media platforms by kimen enterprises, which approached fans and cultivated honest consumers by informing brand ideas and product costs

in the future, the proposal of the concept of "Internet +" and the actual deduction, now let's start to pay more attention to the experience and the scene construction of interaction. Therefore, in the past oneortwo years, there have been new ways of playing for communication, such as live broadcasting. Just as a businessman expressed when talking about this scene, "I'm afraid that the enterprise is getting old, so I need to change the image and adapt to the new development stage. With the help of some marketing campaigns, the brand concept is strangely conveyed with the help of the power of stars. This is a method to deeply excavate the social cost of cultural and entertainment resources, which can help enterprises maximize the brand effect." Therefore, inviting many netizens to live broadcast and interact has become a new way for businesses

although the results of the actual powder absorption of the online popular live broadcast are different, it is still unknown how much the wooden door enterprises can benefit from this method. However, for wooden door enterprises, it is still a positive experiment of brand rejuvenation. Seize the opportunity to "approach" young users and play happily with young people. In essence, all of this is around the platform to enhance interaction with fans, strengthen user stickiness, and then build a fan ecosystem

the implementation of platform diversification has cultivated a new aggregation method of fan economy, which is enough to make people wait for what new elements will be injected into the platform strategy by wooden door enterprises in the next 3-5 years, when big data is more accurate, user spacing is closer, ecology is more open, and innovation is driven faster




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