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The special geographical environment of the Mediterranean has created its diversified style, which combines the romance of southern Europe, the enthusiasm of North Africa and the charm of Western Asia

entering the flowery room, a rich Mediterranean style came into view, not the traditional blue and white, but the tones dominated by goose yellow and reddish brown. This is the unique natural color of desert, rock, sand and mud in North Africa. With ripe brown, cobalt blue and brass, it gives people a feeling of vastness like earth. Everything reflects and forms a harmonious beauty

the greatest charm of "Mediterranean style" is its pure and beautiful color combination. The lazy and casual nature of southern Europe is also reflected in the home style, especially the uneven wall, which can best tell the informal life style. The reddish brown walls of the living room and dining room adopt hand-painted patterns, which are inspired by the owner's random and flashing inspiration. The uneven walls are painted at will to form lines of different depths, which not only makes the walls more three-dimensional, but also conveys an uncut charm through lighting

when you enter the bedroom, you will immediately see a dark wooden big bed, plain white sheets, and a beautiful pattern of rose red on the background of the white wall at the head of the bed, which is full of Thai style

the home environment determines the owner's taste. Besides the city's drunkenness, freedom has become the extravagant hope of many people

inherits the long-standing classical architectural aesthetic system of ancient Greece and Rome. It is particularly delicate and exquisite in detail processing, and can be close to the pulse of nature, making it full of vitality. The circular arch, especially the continuous arch, has become a symbol of the Mediterranean style. The use of arch and hollow wall decoration can create a visual sense of penetration, and make the space have an extended effect and a visual sense of penetration along the Mediterranean style. Stained glass softens the light and dissolves the unity of color as a whole

there are staggered floors between the living room and the dining room, which are separated by hollowed out arches after half chiseling, creating an indoor window in the scene, achieving a sense of spatial dislocation and making the room suddenly clear

the wooden shoe cabinet is one of the designs that the owner is quite satisfied with. The line is simple and the trimming is round. It is inlaid with blue mosaic on its surface, which succinctly and effectively conveys the image of the Mediterranean. The combination of the wall of the shoe cabinet and the mosaic is formed by the wood frame, pulling nets and powdered cement to form rounded corners, and then the mosaic is cut and pasted in small pieces with the actual size and radian. It has unique ingenuity and is quite amazing when it first comes into sight

lines are the basis of structural forms, so they are very important design elements in home furnishings. The lines of houses or furniture along the Mediterranean coast are not straight, which is more natural. Therefore, both furniture and architecture form a unique round shape. The circular arc of the wall and the ceiling are made of wood, the edges and corners are knocked off, and then the rounded corners are decorated with cement to form slovenly lines

adding warm tone log furniture to the home can create a simple home environment. At the same time, the warm tone of nature makes people living in it feel calm. Roof beams, cabinets, furniture, etc., can convey natural style

the unique wrought iron furniture is also a unique aesthetic product of Mediterranean style. The iron sofa and small table beside the window and the white and blue floor tiles make people feel as if they are in a paradise

the hollowed out part of the arched door is filled with primitive charcoal wood. It is characterized by antiquity, which can highlight the grain of wood. In the design, charcoal wood, as the main auxiliary raw material, has appeared many times in the house design, coordinating the overall style

stained glass with a strong Gothic style, as a finishing touch in the simple overall design of the house, makes people feel warm rather than abrupt

we cannot help believing in the existence of destiny. Huahua is fatalistic to listen to intuition in both house purchase and decoration. "It's a kind of happiness and enjoyment to be able to live in a house carefully decorated by yourself." She said so. Before the idea is launched, everything is waiting like an empty sofa, waiting for everything to be seated in the right place. Good things are difficult. Looking forward to, overturning, changing and decorating for less than half a year made her realize the hardships of decorating, and she spent all her mind trying to be perfect. When the final appearance of this "home" appeared in front of her, her dream was realized, and all the hardships passed by like an understatement. Decoration is the beauty of regret. Huahua's only regret is that she didn't create a group of Mediterranean bookcases. She finds herself in running, choosing, shopping and moving. What is left is a new beginning, which is life

in the afternoon, with the soft sound of the piano, do you think of the elegant figure of Malena in the beautiful Sicilian legend, flashing in the pink and goose yellow background, a painting





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