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On November 26, Hubei Lanting decoration company opened grandly, marking the birth of a new high-level model of home decoration management and design and construction in Wuhan. The opening invited Mr. Ren Dahua, the film king of Hong Kong, leaders of the decoration association and industry leaders to gather in Wuhan Lanting. Relying on its strong strength and high-level design and construction strength, Lanting decoration will actively expand the Wuhan market and will lead the home decoration industry to a new height. Wuhan home decoration network also attended the event as a special media. Next, let's follow the camera of Xiaobian to find out

Lanting decoration invited Ren Dahua, the king of Hong Kong Film and television, to attend the endorsement and explain the concept of home. Ren Dahua's understanding of home is also quite unique. The present home is not the furnishing of objects piled up with steel and cement, but the sublimation of family affection under the warmth and surplus. Love is the whole of home

for Ren Dahua, material is no longer important, but more about how to take care of the home, so he chose Lanting decoration

Lanting decoration covers home decoration design, construction, selection of main materials, and matching of soft decoration. It shows the overall decoration in an all-round way, creating a rich and colorful home experience platform for consumers. The company has a professional design and decoration team, which creates various styles of indoor and outdoor decoration of houses with advanced design concepts and exquisite decoration technology. The design team is composed of designers with more than 10 years of experience. To serve each owner with many to one service mode can better understand the needs of customers, improve the design scheme, and provide home design to the satisfaction of owners. Create a warm home space for our customers and realize our dream of a better life

through resource integration, Lanting decoration reduces customers' consumption risks and overall home decoration costs, and does its best to provide customers with a professional home decoration "one-stop" service mode. Adhering to the concept of being a considerate decoration steward for owners, one-stop material selection is displayed in well-known domestic building materials companies, so that every owner can really enjoy time-saving, labor-saving, worry saving and money saving

Jiang Tao, general manager of Lanting decoration, said that water, electricity, wood, paint and other related substrates are high-end high-quality brands with good reputation in the market. Lanting decoration has its own strict construction technology and strict quality control. Carefully select materials to ensure the environmental protection and health of the owner's home. "Our latex paint is green and formaldehyde free. You can stay on the same day of decoration and raise goldfish." With that, President Jiang moved to a fish tank with two red goldfish, and put a few drops of latex paint in the tank. After the water turned white, the reporter saw that the little goldfish inside were still swimming happily

it is understood that Lanting decoration has a top design team and a first-class construction team in China. Based on the principles of environmental protection engineering, conscience engineering and quality engineering, it has developed steadily in the decoration industry. In the spirit of customer-centered, there are three key words for Lanting's success: first, subversion. Lanting decoration fundamentally subverts the traditional home decoration mode and opens a new home decoration "buyer" mode. 2、 One stop. Lanting decoration advocates a new one-stop concept, which can enable consumers to truly save time, effort, worry, money and quality protection in decoration. 3、 0 add item. In the vision of Lanting decoration, the budget is the final account. It will never increase items in the middle and late stage of decoration, which is far beyond the customer's budget

it is reported that in order to celebrate the opening of the company, Lanting decoration has launched a series of powerful preferential activities to truly benefit the people of Jiangcheng and let everyone enjoy the decoration experience of high quality, high standard and high cost performance





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