The 7th China Japan Korea International Food Expo

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The 7th China Japan Korea International Food Expo 2012 will be grandly opened in Yantai on June 1

the 7th China Japan Korea International Food Expo 2012 will be grandly opened in Yantai International Expo Center on June 1. This is another cross China high-end industry path of China Japan ROK economic cooperation, which is still very far away. It is another deepening of China Japan ROK food trade. At the same time, it is also an important platform for Chinese, Japanese and Korean food enterprises to carry out world exchanges and expand international markets

it is understood that this exhibition is co sponsored by Shandong Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission, Shandong Provincial Committee of China Council for the promotion of international trade, Shandong Chamber of Commerce of China International Chamber of Commerce, East Asia Economic Exchange Promotion Agency, Korea Japan Food Industry Association and other institutions, and has received strong support from the central, provincial and municipal mainstream media as well as foreign media such as the Japanese economy

this China Japan South Korea Food Expo has 2000 international standard booths, including 9 exhibition areas, including Japan South Korea international food exhibition area, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan food exhibition area, national famous, excellent, new and special food exhibition area, agricultural products exhibition area, aquatic products exhibition area, wine exhibition area, Franchise Exhibition Area, machinery and equipment exhibition area, packaging products and materials exhibition area. Except that the exhibition area of China's famous food city is dominated by domestic famous trademarks, Chinese leading enterprises and other domestic products, each other exhibition area is a staggered exhibition of China, South Korea and Japan's famous new and special products, forming an international model. At that time, the audience will present a magnificent scene of a hundred flowers blooming and a hundred schools of thought contending

in the face of this great opportunity for the three countries to gather together, the organizing committee will not only provide a high-quality trade platform for exhibitors, but also provide the most active exchange platform for the White House and the Department of energy to vigorously promote composite manufacturers and the broad masses of participants. More than 20 themed activities, mainly represented by economic and technical cooperation and trade negotiations, investment cooperation project promotion meetings, face-to-face meetings with exhibitors and purchasers, and food safety lectures, will create a beautiful landscape for the seventh China Japan South Korea International Food Expo

learned that the economic and technical cooperation and Trade Fair includes import and export trade negotiations, seeking joint ventures, partners and cooperation projects, as well as product display, shopping malls and supermarkets ordering, soliciting agents and distributors, product end market publicity, etc; At the promotion meeting of investment cooperation projects, foreign cooperation projects in the agricultural field and food processing industry will be promoted, and investment projects will be negotiated and signed; Exhibitors and purchasers face to face, invite nearly 100 domestic and foreign purchasers to attend the meeting, organize purchasers to have face-to-face talks with exhibitors, such as a medium-sized agricultural film factory, release procurement information and sign procurement contracts

facing Japan and South Korea, Shandong Province has good geographical advantages; Yantai, where the conference was held, is the nearest city in China to Japan and South Korea. Jiaozhou Peninsula has rich resources of agricultural and sideline products, with strong advantages in food processing and manufacturing; The Shandong government strongly supports China Japan ROK cooperation. The China Japan ROK International Food Expo has been identified as an important annual international economic and trade event in Yantai. The theme of this exhibition is green innovation and cooperative development, making full use of the unique geographical advantages, industrial advantages and policy advantages of Shandong Province. With the food industry as the main body, with the help of Yantai's superior geographical advantages, this Food Expo will be built into a professional, branded and international food industry event based in the north and facing the whole country, Japan and South Korea. In the face of the huge domestic demand market of the food industry in the north and the international market of Japan and South Korea, 2012 China Japan South Korea International Food Expo will once again usher in a huge procurement boom

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