The 6th technical expert appointment meeting of th

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The 6th technical expert appointment meeting of XCMG group was held grandly

the 6th technical expert appointment meeting of XCMG group was held grandly

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at the beginning of the new year, everything is new. The 6th technical expert appointment conference of XCMG was grandly held in the International Conference Center on February 14. Leaders of the company, Wang Min, Li suoyun, Li Ge, Yang Yong, Shi Keyuan, Wang Yansong, wujianglong, Han Bing, Luchuan, top leaders of the party and government of all units, deputy general managers in charge of technology, technical experts of the company, and relevant ministers and deputy ministers of the group headquarters attended the meeting

XCMG set 4. The sixth technical expert appointment meeting of the counter box cover group was grandly held.

the company's leader lisuoyun read out the decision on the appointment of technical experts of the company.

153 outstanding technical personnel who love XCMG, have outstanding performance, are skilled and dedicated to their posts were appointed as technical experts of the company, and a grand appointment ceremony was held

in a warm atmosphere, the newly hired technical expert representatives of the company stepped on the rostrum, and the company's leaders issued letters of appointment to them. Subsequently, chaijunfei, rendaming, liubanghui, qinjiasheng, Qiufeng, wenyushuang, Wang Ji and Guohui, the outstanding representatives of 8 technical experts, delivered their acceptance speeches

Wang Min, chairman of the board of directors and Secretary of the Party committee of the company, delivered a speech on the company's scientific and technological innovation work and put forward new requirements and hopes for the technological innovation work

Secretary Wang pointed out in his speech that this technical expert appointment meeting is a major event for the scientific and technological personnel of XCMG, a major event in the cause of XCMG, a grand event in the scientific and technological circles, and even a mobilization meeting. He congratulated the 153 comrades who were employed as technical experts, thanked the scientific and technological personnel who worked hard in the front line of science and technology and made contributions, and paid high tribute to all the Xu workers who climbed the Everest of XCMG. XCMG must closely follow the "two centenary" development and goals of the party and the state, and strive to contribute its strength around the three goals proposed in the national scientific and technological innovation driven development outline. He emphasized that construction machinery is a highly competitive and promising equipment manufacturing industry that benefits mankind. Up to now, XCMG has reached a great level, laid a good foundation and created a great platform. XCMG's next step is to rush to the top. Xu workers should have the lofty words and ambition to reach the summit of Mount Everest, keep up with the high standards of technology leadership and indestructibility, and create a new generation of unique technology to climb Mount Everest. XCMG's ultimate goal is to become an international world-class top-level enterprise, which should be famous, famous and famous in the world. When users all over the world talk about construction machinery products, they should not only think of Europe, America and Japan, but also think of China's XCMG, which should rank first. This is also the dream of all Xu workers

in 2016, with the efforts of the whole staff, especially the hard work of the majority of engineering and technical personnel with technical experts as the core, XCMG quickly seized the opportunity and quickly adapted to the market demand. In December 2016, XCMG's main business income doubled, and continued to maintain a substantial growth trend in January and January 2017. This is a selective purchase by users, an improvement in quality, and an increase and development after a reshuffle of the industry

chairman Wang Min emphasized that leading technology and indestructible use is a specific action gold standard for the landing goal of "XCMG made 2025" of high-performance separation membrane technology in the direction of new functions and intelligent materials. XCMG's products must be technologically advanced and indestructible. Whichever enterprise has achieved this, it will be at the commanding height of competition. XCMG wants to climb Mount Everest and make contributions to the country. XCMG will first achieve a small goal by 2020 - to become the top five in the world industry, and then pursue a slightly larger goal is the top three in the industry. XCMG should make steady progress and firmly hold its outstanding technology, superb technology and original technology in its own hands. XCMG does not rank people according to their seniority. It should select talents from all over the world and use them. It should create a vigorous and heroic XCMG. A promising XCMG is not a dull and mediocre XCMG

at last, chairman Wang Min expressed his ardent hope that technical experts should be consistent in their work and life, have good conduct, work in a team and take the lead; We should have advanced ideas to guide us and arm ourselves with advanced theories. Ideas should not lag behind and theories should not age; Be able to bear and endure loneliness, be loyal to our enterprise, settle down and do things in a down-to-earth manner. It is hoped that XCMG's scientific and technological team is a team with vitality, blood and pursuit, and truly deserves the wealth, pride and glory of the country and enterprises. It is hoped that party and government leaders at all levels will create a better working and living environment for technical talent teams and technical experts, so that they can concentrate on research and development, go to the market, go to international exchanges and work overseas. All scientific and technological workers should seize every minute and work day and night to overcome technical problems. (this article is from XCMG)

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