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The 8th China International all print exhibition was successfully concluded, releasing the innovative vitality of printing and promoting the upgrading of the industry

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core tips: on October 16, the 8th China International all Print Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "the 8th all print Exhibition") was successfully concluded in Shanghai. In October, 2020, the 8th China International All India Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "the 8th All India Exhibition") was successfully concluded in Shanghai on October 16, the key to the prevention and control of COVID-19 and the development of economic recovery. In October, 2020, in the critical period of Xinguan epidemic prevention and control and economic recovery and development, with the trust and support of all walks of life in the printing industry, the eighth all printing exhibition was held as scheduled, overcoming many difficulties. The exhibition area was nearly 100000 square meters, bringing together 687 exhibitors, and displaying the latest technologies, products and applications of the whole printing and packaging industry chain. The five-day exhibition welcomed nearly 70000 and 120000 visitors, fully demonstrating the momentum and vitality of the development of the printing industry. As the overseas epidemic has not yet been fully alleviated, this all India exhibition is not open to receive overseas visitors and groups, and 107 domestic associations and enterprise teams. Hundreds of exhibitors released new products. During the same period of the exhibition, various special forums, cloud all print exhibition, big coffee shopping, trade matching salon and other innovative forms increased exhibitors' display channels, improved visitors' viewing experience, and promoted the connection between upstream and downstream trade. In a word, the 8th All India exhibition has won general praise from exhibitors, visitors and the industry in terms of exhibitors' brands, exhibit quality, special activities, publicity organizations and other aspects

multi content exhibition

presents a rich industry ecology

gathers high-quality exhibitors in various fields and shows the innovative power of printing

the eighth all print exhibition shows the characteristics of new exhibits, complete categories and wide field of vision. The whole exhibition uses seven pavilions, including n1~n5 and E6 of Shanghai New International Expo Center, which can directly produce exterior, interior and functional parts for vehicles ~e7, covering six themes - Digital Prepress, comprehensive printing, post press processing Packaging equipment, label industry, ink, paper and other consumables

there are many famous brands in various fields, including international famous brands such as HP, Fuji Xerox, Ricoh, Kyocera, Epson, Kodak and ESCO, as well as Chinese national forces such as evergreen shares, Lianqiang group, Zhongde group, founder electronics, Suntech, Hongbo intelligence, Kelei Electromechanical, lucky Huaguang, Guangming, ZHENGBO, fangbang, Guowang group, sun machinery, Zhejiang Weigang, etc. The solutions displayed by various brands not only have a wide range of applications, covering major sub sectors, such as books and periodicals, commerce, packaging, labels, large-scale inkjet, etc., but also innovative technologies emerge in endlessly. According to incomplete statistics, hundreds of exhibitors, such as Fuji Xerox, Kodak, Kyocera, founder electronics, Suntech, etc., have brought hundreds of global or national debut equipment, products and technologies, It has injected innovative vitality into the transformation of new and old kinetic energy of the printing industry in the post epidemic period

gather top industry activities to discuss the latest development trends

the holding of the eighth all printing exhibition provides a timely and high-quality platform for information sharing and interactive exchange in the printing and packaging industry. Dozens of representative brand activities in various fields add radiance to each other, jointly helping enterprises grasp the cutting-edge trend of the industry and study and judge the future development trend

on October 12,

2020 all printing exhibition new technology conference was successfully held in N5 printing dream factory, bringing together a number of leading suppliers to release the latest technical solutions

On October 13, the 2020 "digital printing in China" Technology Summit Forum was held, focusing on the latest development and application of digital printing technology; The 2020 global Label Summit Forum and the 2020 Asian label award ceremony were held on the same day, providing an ideological feast for the Chinese label industry that the friction and wear testing machine products of Jinan test of innovative technology have vertical omnipotence and actual combat experience

october 14

2020 printing and packaging industry economic forum and national printing managers' annual meeting were successfully held, bringing together leading enterprises in the printing and packaging industry to pay attention to the changes in the printing market and capture future development trends

on October 15, the third paper channel summit of China paper Federation was held, linking the supply and demand of the two major industries of paper and printing

throughout the exhibition period, brand exhibitors also held a wealth of activities such as technology sharing, signing ceremony and online live broadcast, injecting more vitality and business opportunities into the eighth All India exhibition

in addition, the five featured theme exhibitions of the 2020 China Printing Industry Innovation Conference, hosted by the national publishing administration, were also displayed at the same time of the eighth all print exhibition. The five featured theme exhibitions, namely, the national publication exhibition, the printing industry innovation (integration) theme exhibition, the epidemic prevention and control printing guarantee theme exhibition, the children's book printing innovation theme exhibition, the packaging and printing and a better life theme exhibition, have distinctive features and fully demonstrate the exploration and achievements of the "integration" of the printing industry from different dimensions

actively innovate service mode

create a high-quality business platform

2020 is a special year, and the COVID-19 poses a severe challenge to global economic development. In such a severe situation, the 8th All India exhibition actively responded to the negative impact of the epidemic, continued to strengthen the function of the trade platform, innovated the exhibition service mode, and made every effort to create a longer, deeper and broader docking opportunity for the supply and demand sides

on August 10, the organizer launched the "all print on cloud" exhibition platform in both Chinese and English, opened the online and offline service mode, and broke the space-time restrictions and communication barriers of the exhibition. Up to now, nearly 120000 professional visitors have watched the Chinese and English version of the exhibitors' videos in the live broadcast Hall of the all print on cloud exhibition. The exhibitors' pages in the trade hall have been viewed by nearly 300000 colleagues at home and abroad. The all print on cloud exhibition will continue to open after the exhibition, It is expected that more domestic and foreign visitors will attend the exhibition, and the all print exhibition will continue to build cloud information to help exhibitors' exhibition effect continue to ferment; In order to better serve professional buyers and provide them with professional one-stop efficient procurement services, all India exhibition launched the "star buyer service plan" to help buyers and exhibitors achieve accurate and rapid docking; In order to solve the practical difficulties that overseas buyers are difficult to come to the exhibition under the epidemic, the "overseas buyers matching meeting" was launched, and 16 domestic high-quality exhibitors were selected to participate in the online promotion of products, attracting more than 7000 viewers from 17 countries and regions around the world to watch and participate in the transaction matching

in addition, in order to introduce the cutting-edge and innovative equipment, products and technologies exhibited in the 8th All India exhibition to the audience who could not come to the exhibition, the organizer also launched the mechanical performance test system with multi-channel, multi degree of freedom and harmonic loading for the live broadcast activities of the "big coffee Exhibition" series, and the development of the simulation experiment system for practical working conditions has a rapid pause. Professional lines in specific fields have been selected, Experts from various sub sectors are invited to lead a team to explore the exhibition and explain new product highlights and technical dry goods in real time, which not only provides an innovative channel for the eighth All India exhibition, but also provides a more in-depth content supplement for the international and domestic all media of the eighth All India exhibition, such as the official website, official, official Tiktok and other channels, as well as the exhibition express, quick cutting video, picture live broadcast and other forms

the above innovative service forms complement each other and build the 8th All India exhibition into a high-quality business platform in multiple dimensions to better serve exhibitors and visitors

centralized display of innovative achievements

boost confidence in industry development

the eighth all printing exhibition attracted many exhibitors to bring a large number of scientific and technological innovation achievements for centralized display. Just as liuxiaokai, director of the printing Distribution Bureau of the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee and chairman of the China Printing Technology Association, pointed out at the printing and packaging industry economic forum and the national printing managers' annual meeting that the transformation of printing technology and innovation of business format have never been like today, Showing a strong leading vision and growth vitality. It is not difficult to see from the latest exhibits and solutions of hundreds on the scene of the eighth all printing exhibition that the intelligent process of the printing and packaging industry is further accelerating. There are many rich choices not only for large enterprises, but also for the intelligent and digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises; China's printing press is rising. Whether in the ink-jet printing field or in the intelligent post printing field, Chinese brands are showing vigorous vitality and innovation strength

standing at the wind of transformation, technological change helped enterprises expand service boundaries and reshape business models. The 8th All India exhibition presented an active and enthusiastic investment atmosphere, injecting a powerful booster into the recovery of the development vitality of the industry. The on-site signing ceremony of the exhibition continued, the "we still need to focus on the inspection of the thermal stability of raw resin and color masterbatch" on the machine was bright, the cooperation orders were pouring in, and the potential transaction information was gathering... It is estimated that the 8th All India exhibition platform will promote the exhibitors' transactions by billions. Exhibitors also affirmed the exhibition effect one after another. Zhengbingkai, general manager of Wenzhou Guangming Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., mentioned that this time Guangming has brought major models and released innovative materials, which is full trust in the influence of the all print exhibition platform. The actual exhibition effect is also very satisfactory, and the transaction orders exceed expectations; Huangzhigang, general manager of Zhejiang Haoda Machinery Co., Ltd., said: the audience of this all India exhibition is very rich, there are many enquiries, and all the display equipment are sold out; Shi Yue, general manager of daiweiler printing machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., commented that the exhibition effect of this all print exhibition was very good. Before the exhibition, there was concern that the popularity might be insufficient due to the epidemic, but the actual situation was far beyond expectations. Not only the popularity was booming, but also many effective customers came to the booth for consultation; Jin shanlun, deputy general manager of Fuji Xerox (China) Co., Ltd., mentioned that the effect of the exhibition was much better than expected. Every booth was crowded, and many visitors came to the booth for consultation. The questions were very professional...

China International all print exhibition was founded in 2003. In the past 17 years, it has grown together with China's printing and packaging industry, experienced "SARS" and crossed the "financial tsunami", Now it has withstood the test of the "COVID-19". The holding of the 8th all printing exhibition is not only a significant contribution to the development of the four modernizations of the printing and packaging industry, but also will help the printing and packaging industry to accelerate the recovery of its development vitality and boost its confidence in development after the epidemic

the 8th All India exhibition closed successfully on the 16th. Let's meet again in 2022

: Li Min

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