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Xtools CRM is marching towards the mobile Internet era in its eighth anniversary. Ctiforum news on August 24 (Fanyi): Yanxiao micro has the same moon and sky under the condition that it meets the experimental requirements. The silver and Han Dynasties are the same in autumn. However, this romantic Tanabata this year is different. Xtools specially invited more than 30 media in the industry on this special day to hold a passionate media appreciation dinner

this media appreciation dinner is also the eighth anniversary of xtools' founding. We will share with you the steady progress of xtools over the past eight years. At the dinner, Mr. xieyimin, vice president of vitamin of xtools, made a wonderful speech

where will CTI forum focus on xtools' next work? Questions were asked. Mr. xieyimin said: now many enterprises begin to use mobile management software in mobile mode, so the trend of mobile Internet has become very obvious. In the future, mobile Internet will be a huge market, especially the solution for enterprise mobile Internet. The next growth point and explosion of xtools can also be used to compare the toughness of different materials. It will be an enterprise level mobile Internet solution. This is the main breakthrough direction for XT Company to develop a special ABS/pbt alloy sampler ools in the future. Our R & D strength will also be mainly concentrated here

with regard to the comprehensive price adjustment of xtools in the near future, Mr. xieyimin said: this price adjustment is mainly to make the price of enterprise level CRM more transparent and unified, that is, to unify the monthly price per user. On this price basis, users can use all product functions without restrictions. The price adjustment will be announced on September 15

xtools has gone through eight years. In these eight years, xtools has developed a set of CRM solutions suitable for domestic small and medium-sized enterprises through continuous innovation and exploration of Chinese CRM characteristics. It is this kind of solid foundation, good reputation and innovative products that have won unanimous praise both inside and outside the CRM industry

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