The 7th SAMPE China annual meeting was held in Oct

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The 7th SAMPE China annual meeting was held in October. The 7th SAMPE China annual meeting will be held at the China International Trade Center in the capital from October 15 to 17, 2012. Since SAMPE China was successfully held in Jiuhua villa in Beijing in 2007, it will return to Beijing in 2012 for the entity entrepreneurship platform driven by technological innovation. The theme of this year's activity is to promote the application of advanced composite structures in the industrial field. We hope to share the aerospace advanced composite design technology, application technology and process preparation methods with the industry, and carry out targeted design and preparation of materials and process molding according to the specific requirements of various industrial fields for cost control, scale production and production efficiency. So as to promote the wide application of high-performance composites in the industrial field, and improve the level progress and international competitiveness of China's advanced manufacturing industry

held at the same time: SAMPE China 2012 annual conference large academic conference at present, SAMPE China Annual Conference large academic conference has successfully invited international common faults from 6 countries including China, the United States, France, the Netherlands, Japan and Australia. 3: 8 specially invited reports of weight experts. Nearly 60 conference reports from more than a dozen countries were distributed in 10 sub venues, and their topics covered composite engineering application technologies in aerospace, rail transit, automotive industry, wind energy, ships, medical devices and other fields

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