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The 8th construction machinery Marketing Summit Forum was held. From November 1 to 3, 2015, the 8th construction machinery CIO and Industrial Marketing Summit Forum was held in Xuzhou, Jiangsu, with the theme of "rational e-commerce, kingly Marketing - Exploration of new business model in the era of traditional industry + Internet". In the face of the "Internet +" wave sweeping the whole equipment manufacturing industry with engineering machinery and even peek's good hydrolytic resistance, as well as the current situation that the industry's e-commerce is surging, but the road to profitability is unusually long, elites from XCMG, Zoomlion, Komatsu, Liugong and other enterprises took the lead in testing the water, and fully discussed new problems in industrial upgrading, with a view to opening the era of "intelligent" manufacturing of engineering machinery

at the forum, dongbaoqing, deputy director of the Informatization Development Bureau of the central information office, explained the important meaning of "interconnection +" from multiple perspectives. The state is stepping up the construction of information technology. From the beginning of this year to the present, it has issued a series of policies to promote the development of Internet. In the future, the further development of big data and the combination of Internet applications will have huge development space

Wang Anshun, vice mayor of Xuzhou, said that with the in-depth implementation of the strategic deployment of "made in China 2025" and "Internet +" and the accelerated penetration and deep integration of industrialization and informatization, the construction machinery industry is facing a new round of development opportunities and transformation opportunities. "As a national e-commerce demonstration city and a national 'smart city' pilot city, in recent years, we have adhered to the organic combination and superposition of the industrial advantages of construction machinery with the supporting advantages of interconnection and big data, and made active exploration to promote the integrated development of construction machinery and interconnected economy. This CIO summit forum not only provided useful enlightenment for the development of the national construction machinery industry, but also accelerated the upgrading of Xuzhou Construction machinery industry Provide important guidance. "

according to the latest statistics, from January to September 2015, the sales volume of major models in the construction machinery industry decreased by 25.6% year-on-year; The sales revenue decreased by 15.4% year-on-year, and the profits of major enterprise groups decreased by 88% year-on-year. Yinxiaoji, Deputy Secretary General of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, Jinan experimental machine factory of nanxinshiji Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. sincerely welcomes you. Li has given huangrongxun confidence through the recognition of a group of digital markets, which explains the current situation of the industry. "Looking at the current situation of industrial development, on the one hand, the traditional manufacturing industry represented by construction machinery is declining, on the other hand, the Internet is booming and unstoppable." Yinxiaoli said that in the 13th five year development plan for the construction machinery industry prepared by the association, it was clearly stated that "realizing the digitalization, networking and intelligent R & D and application of industry, enterprise management, sales and service is one of the common basic technologies that the industry needs to make breakthroughs by 2020"

in addition, xujingwei, Secretary General of China e-commerce innovation promotion alliance, focused on the e-commerce road of manufacturing industry from the perspective of integrated innovation of different industries with the theme of "e-commerce road of traditional industries". He explained that rapid response is the core competitiveness of enterprise e-commerce. For the equipment manufacturing industry, especially for the current construction machinery enterprises, it is very important to establish a flexible organization system that can quickly meet the needs of small batch, multi batch and personalized market. The hydraulic universal testing machine can be divided into two parts: the testing host and the dynamometer. "The unknown of 'Internet +' is far greater than the known. Every point of exploration will add up to an abyss, which is bound to profoundly affect and reshape the pattern of traditional industries."

subsequently, zhangqiliang, general manager of Jiangsu XCMG Information Technology Co., Ltd., published the development trend of interconnection + construction machinery, and Zhanghong, head of ICT headquarters of Komatsu (China) Investment Co., Ltd., published the development process of IOT technology in Komatsu (China) Linxi, marketing director of Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd., gave keynote speeches such as "Internet +" helping traditional channel fusion, which enabled the guests to appreciate the great changes brought by the integration of "Internet +" and e-commerce to traditional enterprises: from internal to external, from production mode to marketing mode, from management system to after-sales service, from consumers to upstream and downstream, from terminal to cloud, etc, This gluttonous feast in the name of "Internet +" and e-commerce has benefited everyone a lot

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