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Ningxia: tell a good grassland story

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salt pond in May, hillside near erdaohu natural village, maotouliang village, Qingshan Township, small yellow flowers of Caragana nodded in the wind. Barren mountains are covered with green, and only the wheat straw square with wood stains inadvertently stepped on by your feet reminds you that this was once a bright sand dune. "Divide the huge sand dunes into several grids, during which drought tolerant desert shrubs are sown, and grass seeds are sown in time. Year after year, the grassland is revived in this way." Yanchi County Forestry and grass department to do the relevant person in charge said

return, seal and nurture. By 2019, more than 1.2 million mu of degraded grassland in Yanchi County has been restored, and the grass yield of the grassland has increased from 48 kg per mu 10 years ago to 147 kg. More than 100 mu of bright sand dunes in the territory have been basically eliminated

in Ningxia, the species diversity of the meadow grassland in the southern mountain area continued to recover, and the ecological community was stable; The grassland ecosystem in the central arid zone has improved as a whole. The ecological functions of grassland such as water conservation, soil conservation, wind prevention and sand fixation have been restored and enhanced

grassland is the skin of the earth. How to reasonably "protect skin" and improve the ability of grassland ecological management? Members believed that the construction of grassland ecological civilization is an important part of Ningxia's efforts to build a pilot area for the construction of ecological civilization in the West and build a strong ecological security barrier in the West. It is necessary to scientifically grasp the direction of grassland ecological civilization, establish and improve the system of grassland ecological civilization, and cultivate the awareness of grassland ecological civilization

careful repair: care for vulnerability and enhance toughness

"Ningxia is the only province in the country to carry out grazing prohibition and enclosure in the whole province. Increasing the subsidy policy support for grassland ecological protection is conducive to promoting grassland ecological recuperation and improving grassland quality and ecological function." Zhao Qingfeng, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference, said

open the grassland "family background" of Ningxia: the grassland area is 31.32 million mu, accounting for 31.4% of the total land area of the region, with large area, wide distribution and many plant species. Grasslands are distributed in Liupan Mountain, Helan Mountain, Luoshan mountain, Loess Plateau, Ordos platform, tongxinjian mountain basin, etc. The Yellow River flows 397 kilometers through Ningxia, and 13 cities and counties (districts) in the main stream area are all distributed with grassland, covering an area of 14.762 million mu, accounting for 47.1% of the grassland area of the whole region. Grasslands are also distributed in Ru River, Kushui River, Hulu River, Qingshui River and other areas, tributaries of the Yellow River

at present, Ningxia has formed a grassland engineering system with returning grazing to grassland, returning farmland to grassland, reclaimed grassland management, artificial grass planting and ecological restoration of degraded grassland as the main body, and grassland fire prevention and disaster prevention, monitoring and early warning, grass seed base construction as the support. The grassland protection and management system has been basically established, the grassland ecological protection and restoration has been actively promoted, and the utilization level of grassland resources has been gradually improved

especially since 2016, the grazing prohibition system has been implemented and consolidated through the implementation of the national grassland ecological protection reward and subsidy policy. The reward and subsidy policy has been implemented in the whole region, covering an area of 26million mu, benefiting 360000 households. At the same time, artificial grass planting has been vigorously developed, with an area of 8.3 million mu, easing the pressure on the protection of natural grasslands

member Zhao Qingfeng suggested that the pilot work of the national grassland ecological civilization construction demonstration area should be carried out, and Ningxia should be listed as the pilot of the grassland ecological civilization construction demonstration area in the western region to overcome the "flow mark". "Specifically, we will carry out experiments and demonstrations to promote major reform tasks such as the development and protection system of land and space, the market-oriented reform of ecological products, the establishment of diversified ecological protection compensation mechanisms, the construction of grassland natural parks, and the performance evaluation of grassland green development." Zhao Qingfeng said

fine management: the balance between grass and livestock is short.

enclosure, supplementary sowing improvement, artificial grass planting... Last year, Ningxia completed the ecological restoration of 230000 mu of artificial grass planting, effectively improving the quality and function of grassland ecosystem

by 2019, the comprehensive grassland vegetation coverage in the whole region has reached 56.23%, an increase of 7.53 percentage points over 2011, and has remained above 50% for eight consecutive years; The total output of fresh grass in natural grassland reached 4.5944 million tons, an increase of 684600 tons over 2011. The area of grassland rodents and pests in the whole region decreased by 84% and 80% respectively compared with 2011

grassland is an important green barrier, a gene pool of wild animal and plant resources and forage germplasm resources, and also the material basis for the development of animal husbandry in Ningxia

committee member Jiang Qi paid attention to grassland ecology, focusing on the balance between grass and livestock. He believed that at present, the protection and restoration of grassland ecosystem are effective, but the instability and sensitivity of grassland ecosystem appear at the same time, and the development level of grassland and animal husbandry needs to be further improved. "Top level design the next round of grassland ecological protection subsidy and reward system, promote the development of modern grass and animal husbandry combined with planting and breeding, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the traditional production mode of grassland animal husbandry." Jiang Qi suggested

while the ecological security barrier dominated by forest, grass and vegetation in the weak and stable operation of the domestic mining market in Ningxia continues to consolidate, due to natural, geographical, historical and human activities and other factors, grassland ecological protection is in arrears, and there are still shortcomings in the overall planning of grassland environmental protection and economic and social development

on the whole, although the construction of grassland ecosystem in Ningxia has achieved remarkable results in recent years, it is still relatively fragile as a whole. Grassland sensors are an important part of the tension machine. The natural conditions in the region are generally harsh, with less rainfall, large evaporation, low accumulated temperature, and some typical grasslands seriously degraded. The ability to support and protect the material testing machine is still insufficient, the level of informatization needs to be improved, and the means of grassland monitoring, early warning and law enforcement need to be strengthened. In 2018, for example, all kinds of grassland violations in the region destroyed 1410.7 mu of grassland. Among them, the problems of illegal reclamation of grassland and illegal collection of grassland wild plants are prominent

To this end, member Jiang Qi suggested that we should make up for the shortcomings of the basic work of grassland management and comprehensively improve the level of grassland informatization and refined management

member Zhao Qingfeng suggested that we should increase support for the construction of artificial intelligence application system for grassland ecological protection in Ningxia, establish a three-dimensional monitoring network covering the whole region, such as satellite remote sensing, UAV aerial photography, ground monitoring, so as to realize real-time monitoring and early warning of grassland grazing prohibition, grassland pests, destruction of grassland resources, and improve the ability of grassland supervision and management

overall management: mountains, rivers, forests, fields, lakes and grasses "breathe together"

mountains, rivers, forests, fields, lakes and grasses are a community of life, so overall management, "Grass "The sense of existence of grassland can not be ignored.

members believe that it is urgent to study the restoration and protection of lakes, grass, forests, sand and other ecosystems based on grassland ecology, cherish the multiple functions and values of the grassland, and scientifically repair, effectively expand and rationally utilize it.

since this year, a series of grassland ecological restoration and management measures in Ningxia are being described in an orderly manner:

on May 11, degraded grassland was born in sankeliu village, Hongyazi Township and Pingluo County The construction of the state restoration project was started. The local area is dominated by temperate desert grassland. After the completion of the project, the ecological environment of 30000 mu of desert grassland in Hedong area will be effectively improved

in the middle of April, the forestry and grassland Bureau of the autonomous region launched the pilot investigation of the establishment of the National Grassland Natural Park. National Grassland Natural Park is an important part of the natural reserve system with national parks as the main body. Ningxia will scientifically select sites, carefully demonstrate, and strive to be included in the pilot provinces and regions for the construction of Grassland Natural Parks

at the beginning of April, through the selection of sites throughout the region, Ningxia degraded grassland ecological restoration technology integration demonstration site landed in Luoshan nature reserve. Focusing on natural restoration and supplemented by human intervention, 4000 mu of degraded desert grassland will be repaired and improved, so that the comprehensive coverage of grassland vegetation in the project area can reach more than 60%, and the governance technology and management mode of degraded grassland will be demonstrated and popularized to promote the quality of grassland resources

focusing on the ecological protection and high-quality development of the Yellow River Basin, Ningxia forestry and grass department proposed to "implement the ecological restoration of one million mu of degraded grassland and improve the ecological quality of grassland. By 2025, the comprehensive vegetation coverage of grassland in the whole region will reach 57%."

starting from the overall situation of grassland ecological construction, Ningxia will explore the construction mode of grassland ecological civilization suitable for different grassland types such as meadow grassland and desert grassland, keep the lifeline of improving the ecological environment, and build a solid ecological security barrier in the West

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