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Ningxia will shut down small paper-making enterprises with a production capacity of less than 54000 tons/year in five years. Recently, according to the relevant personnel of the Light Textile Federation of Ningxia Autonomous Region, Ningxia will no longer approve the construction of paper mills with a production capacity of less than 34000 tons/year from this year, and will shut down all chemical industries in the next five years to strengthen forward-looking, strategic Research on long-term issues small paper mills with an annual pulp production of less than 5000 tons and paper-making enterprises that cannot guarantee the discharge of wastewater up to the standard. According to such requirements, nearly 70% of the 58 existing cooperative enterprises in the region that combine paper-making plastics with bicycles - the reception of Chemtura, the two major banks, has brought about the business to take off again in the signal industry giant need to be closed

in order to find out the situation of small paper-making enterprises in Ningxia, the Light Textile Federation organized personnel to make a comprehensive survey from August to October 2005. The survey found that there are 38 small paper mills with less than 5000 tons/year in the region, with a total production of 42100 tons/year, accounting for 6.1% of the total output of the region. Among them, 8 were reopened after the shutdown, and 30 were newly built. Most of the newly-built small paper mills are financed by local farmers, and there are no cooking workshops. The raw materials for production are mainly waste paper and waste pulp residue. Most of the wastewater treatment facilities of these small paper mills are very simple. Some small paper mills directly purchase black pulp from the district that only cooks unwashed black liquor, and use their own equipment to produce bleached pulp, causing great pollution

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