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Lishide excavator products Ningxia exhibition was a complete success

lishide excavator products Ningxia exhibition was a complete success

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on March 8, the "lishide series products exhibition" held by Ningxia delongbang Construction Machinery Sales Co., Ltd. was successfully held in Yinchuan, Ningxia. At the exhibition, excavators and loaders of various models appeared one after another, attracting a large number of new and old customers, more than 300 people came to order machines, and 28 machines were sold on the same day

lishide Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. has been established for more than ten years, and has been committed to creating greater value for customers with the concept of "quality creates the future, and there are many factors that affect friction action". The use of high-performance composite materials will be more popular in automobiles in the future. Li Baohua, Minister of the Sales Department of lishide company, introduced in detail the performance characteristics and technical advantages of the company's series of products as well as the preferential policies launched at the exhibition, so that all guests fully realized that lishide construction machinery has become a national brand with core technology

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