Nitrogen injection into the fire pot can improve t

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Nitrogen injection in the tank can improve the compressive capacity of thin-walled tanks

thin-walled horse determines that the iron tanks with different ports of the applied sensors are prone to deformation during transportation, which is a difficult problem to solve

it is reported that the Austrian people can achieve effective results by injecting liquid nitrogen into the tank as evenly as possible into the glue sand in each tank. Because when liquid nitrogen evaporates, nitrogen can generate high pressure inside cans, which makes the related industries of low-carbon and energy saving cans also become a hot topic in the rubber and plastic industry, improving the ability to fight and impact. In addition, nitrogen can squeeze out part of the oxygen in the can, which will also reduce the possibility of deterioration of the food in the can due to oxidation, which should be a good result of killing two birds with one stone. (excerpted from Zhejiang packaging information)

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