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Ningxia launched the pilot work of artificial intelligence to promote the construction of teachers' team

CNR Yinchuan, January 23 news on the morning of January 22, the launching meeting of the pilot work of artificial intelligence to promote the construction of teachers' team in Ningxia was held in Shizuishan City, Ningxia

Ningxia and Beijing Foreign Studies University are the first two regions and colleges in China to promote the action of artificial intelligence to promote the construction of teaching staff. Previously, the Ministry of Education approved the Ningxia pilot work plan for the action of artificial intelligence to promote teacher team construction (hereinafter referred to as the plan), requiring Ningxia to explore new ways for artificial intelligence to promote teacher management optimization, teacher education reform, and education and teaching innovation, so as to realize the comprehensive integration of teacher team construction and artificial intelligence, and gradually achieve the goal that everyone wants to use and can use teachers Everyone should make good use of artificial intelligence. Don't worry about the new situation of intelligent technology, so as to lay the foundation for promoting the action of artificial intelligence to boost the construction of teachers at the national level

it is reported that Ningxia will establish an AI application innovation center in Ningxia University and Ningxia Normal University, and establish an AI boosting normal education laboratory with backbone enterprises and high-level universities inside and outside Ningxia, whose resolution is equal to the external interference of the experimental machine itself; Promote the deep integration of new technologies such as artificial intelligence and informatization with teachers' professional development, and carry out hierarchical training on Teachers' intelligent literacy; Carry out pairing assistance between high-quality schools in Ningxia and high-level schools across the country and schools in poor areas in Ningxia, and establish remote synchronous intelligent classrooms; Carry out the construction of intelligent teaching infrastructure in experimental schools, and each school will build at least one AI classroom and one VR classroom based on big data, informatization, AI and other technologies; Closely link up with the reform of the college entrance examination in Ningxia, and build an intelligent and information-based support system for the new college entrance examination

in addition, in order to ensure that the teachers of the pilot schools of the action of artificial intelligence to promote the construction of teachers' team can participate widely, Ningxia, as the first batch of pilot areas, will select 15 schools with better conditions, such as Yinchuan No.1 middle school, Yinchuan No.2 Middle School, Yinchuan No.6 middle school, Yinchuan Tanglai Huimin middle school, Ningxia Yucai Middle School, minning middle school, hydraulic parts Wuzhong Chaoyang primary school, Yinchuan No.1 kindergarten, to establish artificial intelligence application experimental schools. By compiling school-based textbooks focusing on the application of new technology and knowledge, such as artificial intelligence, the profits of LCD panel business reach 2.26 billion, so as to promote teachers to widely use intelligent assistants, start intelligent teaching, set up certain teaching hours, carry out systematic artificial intelligence education, and promote teachers to actively and effectively carry out artificial intelligence education and teaching

it is understood that educational informatization has become an important way to promote educational modernization. As a high-tech leading the future, artificial intelligence has further deepened the depth and breadth of the integration of Internet and teachers. Shizuishan City, as a pilot city of the action of artificial intelligence to promote the construction of teachers' team in the whole region, takes teachers as the first resource to realize intelligent education, promotes the reform of teacher training, teacher teaching and teacher governance through the application of artificial intelligence technology, optimizes the management of teacher services, realizes the organic integration of human intelligence and teacher teaching management and training, establishes a high-quality education resource sharing mechanism between the East and the west, and launches cooperation with Beijing and Shanghai, The interconnection of high-quality educational resources and the cooperative action of intelligent teaching and research in Zhejiang and other eastern developed regions. Complete the pairing of rural weak schools, migrant schools and schools in urban areas, establish remote synchronous classrooms and "smart hand in hand" teaching and research communities for urban and rural teachers, and promote the synchronous sharing of high-quality educational resources. (Hu Qin)


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