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Nippon and MasterCard launched the establishment of coiled material coating joint innovation center

Nippon and MasterCard launched the establishment of coiled material coating joint innovation center

October 23, 2018

on October, 2018, Nippon coatings (China) Co., Ltd. (Nippon coatings) was invited to participate in the 40th anniversary of the founding of MasterCard group and the future architectural development forum held in Qingdao. During the meeting, The signing and launching ceremony was held with Shandong MasterCard Holdings Co., Ltd. (MasterCard) to hold the universal material testing machine with protective cover, and the establishment of the coil coating joint innovation center was announced. The two sides will take the coil coating joint innovation center as the platform, integrate and share the industrial resources of both sides through the way of overall in-depth cooperation in the whole process of innovation (including business opportunity discovery, technology development, commercialization promotion) and full cooperation with the innovation ecosystem of the whole industry chain (including coating manufacturers, coil manufacturers, color coated plate building materials manufacturers, distributors, design institutes, general contractors, owners, etc.), Carry out joint innovation in the application field of color coated boards, improve the market leading position and market influence of color coated board related products and technologies of both sides, and provide high value-added solutions for customers in the construction market to affect vertical installation. Dr. Hong Jiang, chief technology officer of Nippon coatings' parent company Singapore Lishi group and President of Lishi group coil coatings, and Wei Longzhu, chairman of MasterCard Holdings Co., Ltd., attended the signing and launching ceremony of China coatings

Dr. Hongjiang (fifth from the right), chief technology officer of Lishi group and President of coil coatings, and Wei Longzhu (fifth from the left), chairman of MasterCard Holdings Co., Ltd., attended the signing ceremony.

on behalf of Nippon coatings, Dr. Hongjiang said that under the background that innovation is the general trend of today's industries, with the increasingly refined division of labor in the industrial chain, the traditional single organization innovation method is facing great challenges and must be customer-oriented, Through the open and innovative mode, we can cooperate with upstream and downstream partners and even cross industries and cross fields to achieve win-win results. This cooperation between Nippon Paint and MasterCard will effectively integrate the resources, experience and technology of both sides in the construction color coated plate market, carry out targeted joint innovation in market and technology, meet the needs of customers in the downstream construction market segment with more accurate products, and create greater value for customers

chairman Wei Longzhu said that after years of market development, customer demand in the color coating industry has also changed, requiring suppliers to provide more comprehensive, targeted and technical solutions. The upstream and downstream cooperation between MasterCard and Nippon coatings will open a new chapter of cooperation in the color coated plate industry. Through joint innovation and project implementation focusing on customer needs, more high value-added "works" will be presented to repay the market and customers

representatives of both parties attended the launch ceremony

Dr. Hongjiang (second from the left) and chairman Wei Longzhu (first from the right) also participated in the dialogue with guests at the forum and imagined "beautiful buildings and a better life" with industry guests.

Huang Jun, senior vice president of Nippon industrial coatings, sun Qi, vice president of Nippon industrial coatings development, Zhou Zhiping, director of opening and innovation of Nippon group, Wei Longhuai, director of MasterCard, Wei Longfeng, director of MasterCard Yang Xiaochun, general manager of MasterCard steel trade, Xu Shuheng, general manager of MasterCard construction steel products, and others also attended the signing and launching ceremony of Nippon MasterCard coil coating joint innovation center

innovation drives development, and cooperation leads to win-win results. The establishment of the joint innovation center is not only the integration of resources between the two sides, but also the starting point for win-win cooperation. In the future, Nippon will continue to innovate, make full use of the resource platform, create better products, provide more considerate services, build an integrated, efficient and directional excellent enterprise, play its due role, and contribute to more customers and partners

about Shandong MasterCard Holdings Co., Ltd. Shandong MasterCard Holdings Co., Ltd. is subordinate to MasterCard group. Founded in 1978, MasterCard group is mainly engaged in the R & D and production of metal maintenance systems, the R & D and manufacturing of metal surface external wall insulation systems, the design and construction of steel structure building systems, and the circulation and trade of high-end coated steel plates. MasterCard Steel Trading Co., Ltd., MasterCard Construction Steel Co., Ltd. and Shandong xinmeida science and Technology Materials Co., Ltd., subordinate to the group, have service networks all over the country. After 40 years' development of V-shaped and U-shaped gap, MasterCard group has become a leading building envelope material production base and coated steel plate trader in China. Its construction steel products are widely used in energy, chemical industry, industrial manufacturing, animal husbandry, logistics and storage, modern agriculture, animal husbandry, public buildings, transportation and commercial facilities

about Nippon Paint Nippon China belongs to Singapore Lishi group. Nippon coatings entered China in 1992 and has become a leading brand in China's coating industry in recent years. Nippon has always taken beautifying and protecting people's lives as its own responsibility, and is committed to becoming a full-service provider in the coating industry to meet the needs of society and the market to the greatest extent. Nippon has a wide range of business, involving a variety of fields, including architectural coatings, automotive coatings, general industrial coatings, coil coatings, protective coatings, powder coatings and so on, which are among the best in the industry

Nippon coil coatings entered China in 1993. By promoting product development oriented to the needs of local customers, more extensive coil coating line construction research and the establishment of a more efficient service system, Nippon coil coatings won the trust of Chinese construction color coating plate manufacturers and home appliance color coating plate manufacturers, and ranked first in the market share of China's coil coating industry

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