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Li Xuebing, the correspondent, reported that yesterday, Shunde Inspection and Quarantine Bureau learned that since June 1, 2007, enterprises that have implemented IPPC marked wood packaging and adopted relevant international standards for plant quarantine measures will no longer be required to issue fumigation certificates or plant quarantine certificates

the relevant person in charge of Shunde Inspection and quarantine department said that in addition to complying with the above provisions, it is not necessary to issue a fumigation certificate or a plant quarantine certificate for the extrusion connection of 34 ribbed steel sleeves. If the laws and regulations or letters of credit of the importing country clearly stipulate that the enterprise is required to provide a certificate, the bureau can also accept the inspection application of the enterprise according to the regulations, implement on-site quarantine inspection as the case may be, and issue the corresponding certificate. He reminded that export enterprises should timely grasp the information about the qualified export wood before leaving the factory or selling quality packaging, and take the initiative to adapt to the requirements of new international and domestic regulations to ensure the smooth export of goods

it is reported that in March 2002, the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) issued the international standard for phytosanitary measures No. 15 (ispm15) guidelines for the management of wood packaging materials in international trade. The standard requires that wooden packaging used in international trade should be effectively fumigated or heat treated before leaving the country, and the qualified wooden packaging should be marked with IPPC special logo with unified style, instead of requiring the issuance of plant quarantine certificate or fumigation disinfection certificate

1. Gb2626 (2) 006 "respiratory protective equipment self-priming filter type particulate matter respirator" standard has been implemented since August 1, 2009.

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