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Ningxia launched a group of female entrepreneurs in the printing industry through the media

in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, which is known as the great wall of the south of the Yangtze River, a group of female entrepreneurs are active in the printing industry. They work hard, dare to be the first, design the present and create the future, and have made sudden contributions to the development and technological progress of Ningxia's printing industry. Recently, Ningxia Publishing Bureau, Ningxia Printing Technology Association and modern life newspaper jointly launched a group of women entrepreneurs to publicize their entrepreneurial history and contributions to the printing industry in our region through the media platform, and display the spiritual outlook of the new generation of women in the printing industry, which has aroused strong repercussions in the society and expanded the influence of the publishing industry and printing industry in this region in the society

in recent years, Ningxia Publishing Bureau has paid great attention to the development and expansion of the printing industry in Ningxia, actively explored new ideas, new methods and new ways for the development of the printing industry, gave full play to the role of industry associations as bridges and ties, strengthened industry management, improved service quality, and created a good development environment for the take-off of the printing industry in Ningxia. Ningxia Printing Technology Association constantly strengthens its own construction, adheres to the policy of governing the industry according to law, promotes the industry by virtue, takes enhancing the market competitiveness and sustainable development ability of printing enterprises in the region as its own responsibility, actively participates in industry management, strengthens industry self-discipline, strives for preferential policies for printing enterprises, and actively promotes the technological transformation, scientific and technological progress of enterprises and the quality improvement of employees. A group of female managers and factory directors who have made positive contributions to the rapid development of the printing industry in our district have emerged in the printing industry. They are the pacesetters in the printing industry. They are unknown and their deeds are rarely known. In order to publicize their exemplary role and contribution, show their style, encourage employees in the whole industry to follow their example, emancipate their minds, explore and innovate, and promote the printing industry in our region to a new level, Ningxia Printing Technology Association actively contacted modern life newspaper. The publicity task force took thermosetting elastomers as an example, and their performance was fully supported by modern life newspaper. Modern life newspaper has opened a special column to publicize their deeds, and publicized and reported them free of charge. This activity has also received the support and cooperation of female managers and factory directors in the printing industry, which also provides more choices

at present, modern life has reported in its column eight female entrepreneurs, including Xia Xiaolin, general manager of Ningxia Yinchuan light industry printing and packaging factory, Wang Hongyan, general manager of Yinchuan Zhijia Electronic Science and Trade Co., Ltd., Zhuang Yuntao, general manager of Ningxia Dadi Guotai Printing Co., Ltd., and Li Hong, general manager of Yinchuan Chuang Chuang advertising Printing Co., Ltd., which have received great social repercussions, Due to the awareness of aerogel gel material market, few activities will have a positive impact on the great development and prosperity of the printing industry in our region

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