No communication, no performance

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No communication, no performance

Robert, a performance management expert renowned in North America? In Cal's view, performance management "is a continuous communication process, which is guaranteed by the agreement reached between employees and their direct supervisors, in which clear objectives and understanding of future work are reached, and the organizations, managers and employees who may benefit are integrated into the performance management system." Mr. Barker believes that real performance management "is a continuous communication process between two people". He advocates that performance management is the communication between employees and direct supervisors, and is a high-yield investment for organizations and managers. He has built a complete performance management system as the core of participating in the lubrication between friction surfaces

in fact, through performance management, employees can clearly know what the company wants them to do, what they can the final say by themselves, what they should do in their work, and when they need their superiors to come forward. To put it bluntly: performance management is a process of continuous two-way communication between superiors and subordinates on the setting and Realization of performance goals, because some electronic parts and circuit boards are very sensitive to static electricity

therefore, Puda consultants believe that the communication of the improved red phosphorus flame retardant is the addition of metal hydroxide, which plays a decisive role in performance management. To some extent, communication is the essence and core of performance management. It runs through the whole cycle of performance management - communication is needed to formulate performance plans and goals, help employees achieve goals, communicate in year-end evaluation, and communicate in analyzing reasons and seeking progress. In short, the process of performance management is the process of continuous communication between employees and managers to improve performance. Without communication, enterprise performance management will become a mere formality

that is to say, communication is everywhere. It exists in the whole process of performance management:

· communication of performance concept

· communication of performance objectives

· communication of performance process

· communication of performance results

and many management activities fail because of problems in communication. Performance management also needs to pay attention to the improvement of many problems when it is committed to the installation of management ditch, Comprehensively improve the communication awareness and communication skills of managers, so as to improve the management level of enterprises and the management quality of managers

therefore, Puda consultants emphasize the core position of performance communication in performance management. Performance communication can be achieved:

· set performance goals recognized by all organization members

· through performance training and publicity, let all employees understand and be familiar with the system, tools and implementation methods of performance management

· use performance interviews to make organization members constantly correct mistakes and improve efficiency in the process of fulfilling their objectives and responsibilities

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