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Safety technical measures for stacking, installation and removal of large formwork

1) when storing flat formwork, it should meet the self stabilizing angle required by regional conditions. The two pieces are being favored by more and more customers. Large formwork should be stored face to face, stored for a long time, and replaced as a whole. The large formwork must be stored on the construction floor, and reliable anti dumping measures must be taken. It shall not be placed along the edge of the outer wall, and shall be stored perpendicular to the outer wall. Large formworks without support or with insufficient self stabilizing angle shall be stored on a special stacking rack or stacked horizontally, and shall not lean against other formworks or objects to strictly prevent foot slipping and dumping

2) before lifting the formwork, check whether the lifting ropes, fixtures and lifting rings on each formwork are complete and effective, and remove all temporary supports before lifting. Before lifting the formwork, the position of the crane shall be adjusted appropriately to ensure stable lifting and falling, and accurate positioning. It is forbidden to move the formwork manually, and it is strictly forbidden to swing the formwork greatly or touch other formwork

3) the cylindrical formwork can be transported as a whole by trailer, or it can be disassembled into flat formwork and stacked horizontally by Trailer. When the flat formwork is stacked, the skid must be aligned up and down and bound firmly. Transported by trailer, the market leader of titanium dioxide on the vehicle has been continuously extended and improved, and the industrial chain has been banned

4) fences should be set around the large formwork disassembly and assembly area, and obvious signs should be hung. Non operators are not allowed to enter. When assembling the flat formwork, the adjacent formwork shall be connected with fixtures or basket bolts in time to prevent dumping

5) when installing the external formwork of the full cast-in-place structure, the cantilever must be fixed, and the hook can be removed only after the position is adjusted accurately. After the installation of the external formwork, the pin rod should be threaded immediately and the bolts should be fastened. The operator installing the outer floor must hang up the safety belt

6) when assembling or disassembling the formwork, the personnel who command, dismantle and hook up must stand in a safe and reliable place before operation. It is strictly forbidden for personnel to hoist with the large formwork

7) the large formwork must be equipped with operating platform, upper and lower stairways, bridges, protective railings and other auxiliary formula facilities for calculating the strength of paperboard. If it is damaged, it should be repaired in time

8) before formwork removal and lifting, it is necessary to recheck whether the pin rod through the wall has been removed. The lifting can be carried out only after there is no omission and the formwork is completely separated from the wall. When removing the outer formwork, the hook should be hung first, the rope should be tightened, and then the pin rod and arm should be removed. The hook shall be vertical to the formwork, and shall not be lifted obliquely to prevent collision with adjacent formwork and walls. Do not leave the hook with your hand when removing the hook. Do not let go until the hook is lifted beyond the head. If it exceeds the allowable height above the obstacle, after being decelerated by the deceleration system, it can be driven up and down by the fine lead screw auxiliary driving beam before driving or turning the arm. When the formwork is in place or removed, the cable wind rope must be set to facilitate the stability of the formwork hoisting process. In case of strong wind, according to the safety regulations, it is not allowed to transport at high altitude, so as to avoid the collision between the formwork and other obstacles during the removal process

9) after the formwork is installed in place, protective measures against electric shock shall be taken. Special personnel shall be assigned to connect the large formwork in series and connect it with the lightning protection to prevent electric leakage from injuring people o

10) after the large formwork is removed, the residual concrete on the formwork shall be removed in time and the film remover shall be applied. When cleaning and painting the release agent, the formwork shall be temporarily fixed. A 50 ~ 60cm wide sidewalk shall be reserved between the formwork with the opposite plate surface, and the top of the formwork shall be fixed with a tie rod

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