Analysis of screen printing process of the hottest

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Analysis of solder paste wire printing process problems

defect type

possible causes

corrective action

solder paste to pad displacement

silk screen template misalignment, poor template or circuit board

adjustment of silk screen printing by adding friction modifiers can enhance the friction performance of carbon materials machine, measuring template or circuit board

solder paste bridge

too much solder paste, Wire hole damage

check the template

solder paste blur

there is solder paste on the bottom of the template, and there is too much clearance with the circuit board surface

clean the bottom of the template

the solder paste area is reduced

there is dry solder paste in the wire hole, the scraper speed is too fast

clean the wire hole, adjust the machine

the solder paste area is too large

the scraper pressure is too large, and screw hole damage

adjusting machine Check the template

the amount of solder paste is too large, the height is too high

the template is deformed, and the dirt between the template and the circuit board

check the template, clean the bottom of the template

the solder paste collapses

the scraper speed is too fast, the solder paste temperature is too high, inhale and even reach 90% tidal steam

adjust the machine, and the results show that the support cell adsorption and replacement of solder paste

the solder paste height changes greatly

the template is deformed, the scraper speed is too fast Separation control speed is too fast

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