Safety technical measures for the construction sit

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Safety technical measures for cable construction site

1. Cables and cable trays shall not be damaged during transportation and loading. It is strictly forbidden to push the cable reel directly from the vehicle. The cable reel shall not be transported or stored horizontally

2. Before transporting or rolling the cable reel, it must be ensured that the cable reel is firm and the cable is wound tightly. When rolling, it must follow the arrow on the cable reel or the winding direction of the cable

3. After the cable and its accessories arrive at the site, they should be checked in time according to the following requirements:

(1) the technical documents of the product should be complete

(2) the cable model, specification and length should meet the ordering requirements, and the accessories should be complete; The cable appearance should not be damaged

(3) the cable end sealing should be tight. When there is doubt in appearance inspection, damp judgment or test shall be carried out

4. If cables and related materials are not installed immediately, they should be stored according to the following requirements:

(1) cables should be stored in centralized classification, and should be marked with model, voltage, specification and length. There should be channels between cable trays. The foundation should be solid. When limited by conditions, the under plate should be padded by the open-loop control system, and the storage place should not be flooded

in a short time, it is the accumulation of data

(2). Many of our customers have used the terminal porcelain bushing. During storage, there should be measures to prevent mechanical damage, and a list of additives allowed in various materials is given in the form of a list

(3) the moisture-proof package of the insulating material of cable accessories should be well sealed, and should be stored and kept according to the material performance and storage requirements

(4) fireproof materials such as fireproof coating, wrapping tape and plugging material shall be stored and kept according to the material performance and storage requirements

5. During the storage of the cable, the cable reel and package should be intact, the signs should be complete, and the sealing end should be tight. When there are defects, they should be handled in time

cable laying

I. preparation and inspection before construction

1. Whether the construction conditions are met, whether the depth and orientation of the directly buried cable trench are correct, and whether the cable duct meets the requirements

2. check whether the cable model, voltage, specification and length are consistent with the design requirements

3. whether the cable duct is dredged and whether the sundries are removed

4. whether the cable channel is unblocked and whether the drainage is good. Whether the anti-corrosion coating of the metal part is complete

5. The appearance of the cable should be free of damage and the insulation should be good. When there is doubt about the sealing of the cable, it should be judged for humidity

6. the cable paying off frame should be placed firmly, and the strength and length of the steel shaft should match the weight and width of the cable reel

7. Safety measures should be taken when entering the range of operating equipment during the construction process to prevent the running cable from being worn out, resulting in electric leakage and personal injury. Special work tickets shall be issued and safety measures shall be taken before work

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