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Safety and technical measures for coal mining face passing through geological structural zone and ending up

I. safety and technical measures for coal mining face passing through geological structural zone

1. When the coal mining face encounters a fracture zone, it must adopt scaffolding back and top support, the support should be perpendicular to the fracture direction zone, and the specification and quality of the support should meet the requirements

2. The support should be timely. It is strictly forbidden to work with empty roof. The support must be firmly erected and there must be measures to prevent column collapse

3. When the fault zone is relatively broken, a security coal pillar of no less than 5 meters must be left along the strike of the fault zone, and the back wall support of the pillar must be dotted along the coal wall

4. Try to reduce blasting when working near the fracture zone. When blasting is really necessary, the arrangement of blast holes should be reasonable and the charge amount should be appropriate

5. In case of water seepage omen, evacuate personnel immediately, and do not operate until the fault zone and the water area with a tolerance zone of 0.8mm are found out

6. Strictly implement the regulations on Shanghai Chlor Alkali Chemical Co., Ltd. before work: after blasting, strictly carry out the systems of knocking on the top, support acceptance, shift handover and roof analysis, and build China's largest energy-saving electronic aluminum foil production line with high starting point and high standard

second, the safety technical measures for the closure of the coal mining face

1. As the roof pressure increases when the mining face is close to the closure, the support of the working face and the outlet of the working face should be strengthened, and special support methods such as scaffolding and wooden cribs can be used when necessary

2. Do a good job in transportation roadway and cutting hole (small shaft) support

3. Reserve enough security coal pillars, and do not mine security coal pillars at will

4. Strengthen the local ventilation of the working face to ensure that there is enough fresh air flow in the working face

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