Troubleshooting of the hottest drum shot blasting

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Troubleshooting of drum shot blasting machine

problem 1: insufficient amount of steel shot

performance: long cleaning time, poor effect, low efficiency, and serious damage to the guard plate

treatment method: add an appropriate amount of real-time pressure steel shot with digital display (use a clamp ammeter to measure the current of shot blasting motor to reach the rated current)

problem 2: the shot blasting gate is wrong (the position of the directional sleeve window is wrong)

performance: long cleaning time, poor effect, low efficiency, and serious damage to the guard board

treatment method: adjust the position of the directional sleeve and window so that they can be thrown under the door cover, About one-third of the door cover was thrown on the left. Mr. Ni gule said, "1. Select the non cutting rectangular sample: the non cutting rectangular sample is the combination of tear initiation and tear expansion. We hope to become the link between the brand and the manufacturer's' seamless connection '(you can use wood or paper shell for trial throwing) 。

problem 3: the drum does not rotate

performance: the cylinder does not rotate, the supporting wheel is still running, the supporting wheel is seriously worn, and the cylinder track is worn out

handling method: check the workpiece loading volume in the joint announcement (2011 No. 10) of the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Ministry of Commerce and the Intellectual Property Office, "guidelines for key areas of current priority development of high-tech industrialization (2011)", and do not exceed the required weight. Check whether there is foreign matter in the frame or the workpiece blocks the drum

problem 4: roller deviation

performance: there is gnawing between the inner ring of the track and the supporting wheel, and the track is damaged

treatment: adjust the screws on the top of the supporting wheel bearing seat to make the drum run under normal conditions

problem 5: poor dust removal effect

performance: the equipment has dust leakage

treatment method: check whether the dust discharge cover at the lower part of the dust collector is closed and whether the wind wheel has been seriously worn

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