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Safety technical measures for the first pressure on the working face

1. Before the first pressure on the working face, we must strengthen the inspection task of all equipment on the working face to meet the requirements of industrial development without seeking and with more accurate thickness of cold rolled steel plate, so as to ensure that all equipment is in perfect condition

2. It must be ensured that the support condition of hydraulic support is outstanding, and the equipment manufacturers of recycled plastic granulators encounter huge business opportunities. At present, the recycling rate of waste plastics in China is not high. The valve groups and emulsion pipes must be free of defects, and the top connection must be thoughtful, and the initial support force must be achieved. When operating the hydraulic support, the support should be in a straight line

3. All personnel working in the well must fasten the belt of safety helmet in front of the well

4. The shearer driver should cut the flat roof, ensure that the support is well connected, and the mining height of the task face should not be less than 3.8m

5. Before the cycle pressure, check all the single pillars and ensure that all the single pillars are intact

6. The advance support must be performed in accordance with the relevant requirements of the "working procedures for fully mechanized mining face"

7. When operating the equipment before pressing, the task staff of the task face should operate with one hand and grasp the large column liquid pipe or the lifting ring on the large column on the support with the other hand

8. When it is found that there is an abnormal sound on the roof of the goaf, the homework staff stops the task, and the staff on the task face withdraw to the support and squat down to grasp and install the stable object; In the follow-up, special treatment is also needed for other staff to withdraw to the roadway with stable roof and no lack of support

9. Before the main roof falls, no one can walk in front of the frame or clear the floating coal in front of the frame

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