Safety technical measures for sealed gas discharge

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Safety technical measures for closed gas discharge in return air uphill exploration roadway

due to production needs, it is necessary to unseal No. 04 airtight, that is, 11 return air uphill exploration roadway airtight, forming a ventilation system. The thickness of the enclosure is 500mm, the length of the enclosure is 104 meters, the concentration of CH4 in the enclosure is 0.2%, the concentration of CO2 is 0%, the concentration of CO is 0%, and the temperature is 12 ℃. In order to ensure safe unsealing and gas discharge, the following safety technical measures are specially formulated:

first, determine the unsealing and sealing time: March 22, 2013 9:: 00

unsealing airtight place: 11 return air up the mountain to explore the airtight lane

II Set up a leading group for unsealing, sealing and gas discharge: the location is set in the control room

the leading group is set up with the commander in chief: Yang Baosen

deputy commander in chief: Zhang Guoqing

members: Yang Zhenxing completed the drying of 56 furnace rooms at the same time, Yao Guoyin, Xing Junfeng, Gao Ximing

Liu Feng, Zhao Dongsheng, Yu Qianli, Yang Shaojun, Cui Shaohui

Zhao Pengcheng, Zhou Huiyuan, Han Shaohui, Chen Huidong, Xing Shuliang

and other members of Xinmi mine rescue brigade

3、 Before entering the well, you must check whether the miner's lamp and self rescuer are in good condition and whether the equipment is complete, otherwise you are not allowed to enter the well

IV. before gas discharge, assign special personnel to set up warning at each warning point, and send electricians and gas inspectors to check that there is no operation in the area of the return air route, and stop all equipment power in the return air route to ensure safety, before notifying the on-site personnel of the underground unsealing and sealing and mine rescue brigade to unseal, seal and discharge gas. Plastics are made of synthetic resins, pigments, fillers and additives. Warning points: ① transportation links; ② Main and auxiliary shaft combined roadway; ③ 11012 Yilian lane

v. after setting the warning at each warning point, start to unseal and discharge gas. First, the personnel of the mine rescue brigade open a 0.5 ㎡ opening above the sealing of the 11 return air uphill tunnel. After the opening is completed, wait for the command of the mine control room, and check the gas concentration outside the closed door with charming matte black paint gloss at any time. When the concentration is safe, order the staff to connect an air duct in the exploration roadway, then use the local fan for ventilation, and then check the gas concentration. When the concentration drops below the safe concentration, connect the second section, and so on, until it is discharged to the 11 return air to the mountain exploration roadway heading face. In the process of gas discharge, control the air supply to make the gas concentration below 1.5%, and it is strictly forbidden to "blow with one wind"

VI. gas inspection. 1. The personnel in the opinion should check the gas concentration in the return air flow at any time. When the gas concentration in the return air flow is below 1% and the carbon dioxide concentration is below 1.5%, and the local fan is continuously ventilated for more than one hour, all the seals should be opened. The personnel of the mine rescue brigade should wear the self rescuer one by one, and enter the inspection at a distance of 5 meters to check the concentration of carbon dioxide and gas in the discharge roadway, Confirm that the concentration of harmful gases such as gas is within the safe range, and the gas discharge is over

VII. After the discharge, report to the commander in chief that the unsealing and sealing work at the site is completed and the ventilation is normal. The ventilation team shall do a good job in the follow-up work after gas discharge

VIII. Attach the warning position diagram of gas drainage personnel:

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