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Safety technical measures for auxiliary transportation trough winch chamber I. overview in order to meet the production needs, a winch chamber needs to be built in the track roadway of M8 coal seam mining area at the distance of 4 meters behind the central line of 18041 bypass, with the work quantity of 4 meters. This measure is specially prepared to ensure safety during construction

II. Construction technical requirements

1. The roadway is driven along the coal seam floor. The support method is the combined support of bolt, anchor, anchor cable and steel belt. The specification is rectangular section: s= (4m х 2.8m) = the equipment is suitable for the pressure vessel production company with an area of 11.2 ㎡, and the total work quantity is 4 meters

2. The roadway is excavated by fully mechanized excavators

3. Support method: bolt + anchor + steel belt + anchor cable combined support

five anchor bolts are drilled at the top of the roadway, which are selected Φ 16mm, 2000mm long; Help drill 3 anchor bolts, select Φ 16mm, 2000mm long; The distance between the top bolt and the bond bolt is 850 mm only from the handlebar of the shared bicycle, and the row distance is 900mm. The anchor cables are arranged in a single row along the middle, and the row spacing is 3600mm

4. Support quality requirements:

(1) the allowable error from the clear width center line of the roadway to the first side is 0 ~ +50mm, and the allowable error of the clear height is 0 ~ +100mm

(2) the allowable error between anchor bolts and row spacing is 50mm

(3) the bolt direction is perpendicular to the surrounding of the roadway, and the installation angle is not less than 80

(4) the anchor bolt supporting plate shall be close to the coal wall and shall not be loose

(5) the anchor rod must be pushed to the bottom of the hole, and the exposed length is 20mm ~ 50mm

(6) the anchoring force of anchor rod shall not be less than 100kN, and the torque force shall not be less than 300n m; For example, the lightweight parts of the automobile

(7) the top plate is close to the two sides of the anchor rods, which are inclined to the two sides along the plumb line by 20, and the uppermost anchor rods of the two sides are upward at an elevation of 20; Each bolt at the top of the roadway uses 2 resin rolls, and each bolt at the side uses 2 resin rolls; All anchor cables are selected Φ 15.25mm, 6300mm long, 6 resin cartridges are used for each anchor cable

(8) the steel strand of the anchor cable must be pushed to the bottom of the hole, and the tail section is exposed to the lock for 150mm ~ 250mm, with a spacing error of 150mm

(9) the sub must be tightened, compacted and tightly pasted to the coal surface, with the stubble width between 100mm and 200mm, and twisted with 18 iron wire for 4 turns

5. Before construction, sundries within 20m of the opening must be cleaned up

6. When opening, protect the cable and other equipment and facilities in the roadway to ensure the quality of the roadway

7. The construction shall be carried out in strict accordance with the quality standard of anchor roadway, and the permanent support shall follow closely

8. The anchor rod should meet the quality requirements, and the failed anchor rod should be repaired in time

9. Temporary support: 1. Two 4.0m long 3-inch steel pipes are used as the front detection beam for temporary support, and special lifting rings are used to connect the front detection beam and the anchor rod. The front and rear front detection beams are clamped twice the row spacing, and a 2500, 150, 50mm high-quality wood board is used for temporary roof protection, and then the big stubble (300, 150, 200mm) is used for roof cutting, and the front section of the front detection beam is hinged to make mutual boards for roof protection

III. main safety technical measures

1. Strictly implement the system of knocking on the side and asking for the top, and strengthen the roof management

2. When entering the workplace, personnel should check first and then work. If problems are found, they should be dealt with in time. It is strictly prohibited to work with hidden dangers, and the principle of unsafe production should be strictly adhered to

3. Before construction, the sundries within 20 meters of the opening shall be cleaned, and various pipelines, cables and electrical equipment at the construction site shall be protected

4. Before construction, the mechanical and electrical equipment and pipelines at the construction site must be effectively protected (those that can be transported shall be transported to a safe area as far as possible), otherwise construction is not allowed

7. After the opening pilot test, industrial demonstration and mass production are dominated by enterprises in the alliance, according to the management regulations of the three and four corner gate, the top must be timely reinforced with anchor cables to strengthen support

8. Before manual delivery, you must knock on the top first, and then use the temporary support correctly. It is strictly forbidden to operate with empty top

matters not covered shall be constructed in strict accordance with the 18041 track trenching operation specification

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