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Safety technical measures for replacing hydraulic support balance oil cylinder in fully mechanized mining face

12609 working face 33 and 43 balance oil cylinders have liquid leakage, which affects the normal work and effectiveness of the support. Therefore, it is decided to replace two balance oil cylinders. This safety technical measure is specially designated to ensure the safe and smooth replacement

I. replacement time: it also points out the direction for the development of plastic granulator technology in China. Use the maintenance time or the coal bunker full time to organize personnel replacement

II. Replacement of safety personnel:

1. Maintenance team: Chen JinFang

2. Production team: Ren Hai, Si Zhongjin, Mao Ping, Gao Yuanwei

3. Experienced staff must be organized to participate in the replacement, and they must carefully study this safety technical measures and operate strictly and carefully according to the relevant requirements of the operating procedures

III. replacement steps:

1. Remove the damaged balance cylinder:

(1) first lower the damaged support of the balance cylinder to a proper height, check whether there is high-pressure liquid in the pipeline, and remove the pipeline after it is released. Lift the piston rod through the top beam fixing ring with a rope or other lifting appliance, and remove the fixing pin

(2) put the balance piston rod on the four connecting rods of the support, and check whether the piston rod thread is damaged. If it is damaged, it must be taken out to avoid slipping and hurting people

(3) tie the balanced rear cavity with a rope, lift it through the fixing ring, and take out the fixing pin of the rear cavity

(4) slowly slide down the rope and put down the balance cylinder

note: it not only saves raw materials and energy, but also removes the liquid pipe, which must be wrapped with a plug or cotton cloth to prevent pollution

2. Install a new balance cylinder:

1 generally can be twisted until the sample breaks (1 is balanced through the weighing tissue connected to the fixed collet). Before installation, check whether the new balance pipe joint is intact

(2) remove the upper protection inlet and return pipe, insert it into the balance pipe connector, and extend the piston rod

(3) hang it on the piston rod mounting pin with a rope, retract the piston rod and lift the balance

(4) put a wooden block under the balance, stretch out the piston rod and stabilize the balance

(5) extend the piston rod to a suitable length and install the fixing pin

(6) fix one end of the rope on the side guard guide shaft, and the other end passes through the shield beam pipeline fixing ring to lift the balance rear chamber

(7) after the control valve expands and contracts the piston rod to a suitable length, install the fixing pin

(8) connect all pipelines of the support, and raise the support after checking it

3. Safety precautions:

(1) when removing the hydraulic pipeline, check whether there is pressure in the system, and operate after releasing it

(2) pay attention to the injury caused by the slipping of the piston rod when removing the balance

(3) do not touch the control valve during operation, so as to avoid high-pressure liquid injury after misoperation

IV. precautions for tools and transportation:

1. The maintenance team is responsible for preparing the tools for disassembling and installing the balance cylinder. Put it in the tool box of the machine head for standby

2. The transportation of oil cylinder into the well must comply with the relevant auxiliary transportation regulations of the mine, and the oil cylinder pipe joint cannot be damaged during transportation

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