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Safety technical measures for sandbag stacking construction in coal mines

1. It is stated that in order to ensure the smooth stoping of b4320 fully mechanized top coal caving face, it is necessary to stop strengthening and false roof making of b4322 coal transportation connecting roadway. According to the discussion and decision of the on-site consultation environment and mining technology, this construction method is specially adopted to set up a column shed in the b4322 coal transportation liaison lane to ensure the construction quality and ensure the safe construction

2. Construction sequence and style

1. Construction location: in b4322 coal transportation liaison lane, from row 36 to row 72. (see the construction location diagram for details)

2. Construction environment: Site Description: b4322 coal transportation connecting roadway is supported by anchors. Now the roof and roadway side foundation are intact, transportation measures are complete, and the line is smooth

3. Construction sequence: stop sanding in b4322 coal transportation connecting Lane from inside to outside. It starts from row 72 in b4322 coal transportation liaison lane and ends at row 36 in b4322 coal transportation liaison lane. Among them, between 46 rows and 68 rows, fake roofs are made according to the waist line position (the waist line is 3.5m from the bottom plate, which has been marked on site)

4. Construction method: in the two construction sections of row 72-68 and row 36-46 in b4322 coal transportation connecting lane, all are filled with sandbags. Among them, between 46 rows and 68 rows, first of all, sandbags are filled under the waist line; Secondly, a layer of rhombus (length and width =5.5m and 1.2m) is laid on the upper part of the sandbag stack at the waist line. It is required that both ends of the rhombus must be connected with the inner slope or top of the original roadway, and the overlap must be at least 0.5m; Then lay large plates side by side on the upper part of the diamond (the specification is length, width and thickness =4.0m, 0.17m, 0.03m); Finally, sandbag piles are continuously made on the upper part of the big board until all the tunnels are filled and the roof is well connected. After the construction, 4m long and large plates and single pillars are used outside the last row of sandbags to prevent the sandbags from sliding

5. Construction method: sand bag stacking manually and winch transportation

3. Enron technical measures

(I) relevant regulations on roof handling

each construction team must strictly implement the system of knocking on the side and asking for the top rail, and the team leader personally serves as the team leader. From the outside to the inside, use a long rod or long handle to find the dangerous rocks and live stones falling on the top, so as to ensure the safety of the construction staff

(II) relevant regulations on auxiliary transportation

1. Transportation route: auxiliary shaft - West Rail danianye Lane - eight mining crosscut -4320 old Sanlian -b4322 coal transportation lane -b4322 coal transportation liaison lane

2. The manual carts in the drift shall strictly comply with the performance test data of gold flame retardant PP shell in Table 1. At present, lithium cobaltate accounts for about 40% of the market and complies with the provisions of article 362 of the coal mine safety regulations

1) one person is only allowed to push one car. It is strictly forbidden to cart on both sides of the tramcar. The distance between carts in the same direction shall not be less than 10m when the track slope is less than or equal to 5 ‰; The gradient is greater than 5 ‰ and shall not be less than 30m; The gradient is greater than 7 ‰ to prevent manual carting

2) pay attention to the front when pushing. When starting to cart, parking, falling off the road, finding someone or obstacles in front, pushing down from places with large slopes and close to turnouts, curves, and lane crossings, the pusher must withdraw the alarm signal in time

3) flying cars are strictly prohibited

4) when parking on a slope that can slide actively, reliable brakes must be used to stop the vehicle steadily

5) when picking up the trailer, the car is constantly stable. It is not allowed to pick up the trailer, stand in the center of the road or stretch your head between two cars

3. All kinds of drivers must be undertaken by full-time or part-time staff who have passed the training and test and hold the qualification certificate. The small winch driver must strictly operate on the right track

4. The communication signal of the small winch must be flexible, reliable and clear

5. During the transportation of the small winch, the company should concentrate secretly and drive only when the signal is heard clearly and there is no curved rope. Each small winch must be operated by the driver, upper and lower hook workers. When hanging one car, not less than 3 people shall operate, and when hanging two cars, not less than 4 people shall operate. When lowering the car, the driver shall not drive without ringing the bell at the bottom yard. There must be enough operation space at the small winch, and the operation button should be put on the rack. The driver should stop the operation by standing at the back of the guard board. It is strictly forbidden to stop the operation by standing at the front side of the winch drum (rope exit side) or the front of the winch. It is strictly forbidden to pull the car by pulling the rope at the side of the guard board of the small winch drum; When winding the rope of the small winch, it is strictly forbidden to stop the winding rope by hand or foot pedal

6. It is strictly forbidden for the driver of the small winch to act as the hook 6 Elongation corresponding to yield point (elongation at yield point); Tasks. The anchor rod of the firm small winch should be complete, stable and reliable, and the distance between the most convex part of the small winch and the outer edge of the railway should reach 0.7m

7. Before the trailer, the trailer operator should first check whether the sliphead connection and assembly are reliable. If there is no result, the driver can enter the signal room to start driving

8. The winch driver and the signalman should check at any time: whether the brake handle, brake shoe, steel wire rope, security rope and swivel wheel are complete, qualified and effective. After finding the results, it should be checked and handled seriously, and the trailer worker should be responsible for the inspection and handling of the lifting beam

9. The operating side of the small winch must be equipped with a qualified protective plate, and the three bolts that are firm between the protective plate and the winch base must be aligned, tightened, stable and reliable. The diameter of the steel wire rope and security rope used shall not be less than 15.5mm. The security rope shall be inserted with a rope sleeve of not less than 2.5 twist pitches. The rope sleeve at the connecting end of the main rope shall be fastened on the main rope with three pairs of rope clamps, or the security rope shall be braided and sleeved on the slip ring of the main rope with one pair of rope clamps, and then two pairs of rope clamps shall be fastened above the slip head of the main rope

10. Strictly implement the non child track system of driving, and it is strictly forbidden to ride on the slippery head. If someone gets on or off, it is necessary to delay contacting the hooker and signal the parking signal

11. The vehicle falling off track rerouting must be handled in strict accordance with the provisions of Yan Mei Gu Sheng Ji Fa {2005}107:

seriously implement the provisions on safe rerouting of mine narrow gauge transport vehicles falling off track No. 436 of Yankuang personal life and ANFA [2000] to stabilize industrial investment. Strictly implement the level by level reporting and teaching track system, on-site safety system, on-site inspection track system, and stable vehicle work track system, and implement the re track plan and safety measures. All inclined lane sports cars and inclined lane tandem car falling off the track must stop the task on the spot, report to the teaching and dispatching room, the team leader must give instructions on the spot, and the safety supervisor must go to the site to supervise the handling of the falling lane. Otherwise, deal with it according to the instructions and lessons of reciting chapters

when the vehicle in the horizontal and inclined roadway falls off the track, it is strictly forbidden to use the locomotive or small winch to pull and reset, and the rerouting measures and other rerouting methods must be adopted to reroute on the spot. During rerouting, there shall be no less than two staff members. When manually taking the track for rerouting, no one is allowed on both sides of the tramcar, and they shall call each other to ensure personal safety

(III). Single hydraulic prop Enron technical operation method

1. Before setting up single prop, it is necessary to seriously check the surrounding top environment and confront the top track system to ensure the safety of task staff

2. Check whether the pillar parts are complete and free of defects, and whether the pillar has twists, dents, missing claws and liquid leakage. It is strictly forbidden to use unqualified pillars

3. Check whether the hydraulic pipelines are intact, discuss whether there is liquid leakage everywhere, and whether the liquid injection gun is working normally

4. For all quick discussions in the pipeline, it is strictly forbidden to adopt single leg pins and wire pins, and all pins must be inserted to the end

5. Before the prop, the valve nozzle must be flushed with a liquid injection gun to keep the liquid supply clean

6. When erecting a single pole, there should be no less than two people in each group. One should erect the pole and one should supervise Enron. When the operator lifts the pole, he should slow down the liquid supply to pre tighten the two ends of the pole and the contact parts, and then suspend the liquid supply. After all the staff withdraw to Enron address, the operator should supply the liquid at a long distance to achieve the specified initial support force

7. Pull the liquid injection gun out of the liquid injection hole of the three-way valve, operate the liquid injection gun, when the pillar contacts the top plate, suspend the liquid supply, adjust the pillar to make it in an excellent stress state, and then operate the liquid injection gun to make the pillar reach an additional initial support force of 90kN (the reading of the pressure gauge is 11.4mpa), pull out the liquid injection gun, and check whether the task condition of the three-way valve is excellent, whether the bearing condition of the pillar is excellent, and whether there is leakage and active shrinkage

8. Staff shall not stand on the axis target of the three-way valve when supporting the column; It is strictly forbidden to aim the liquid injection gun at the staff to prevent high-pressure liquid from spraying out and injuring people

9. The top cover of the pillar should be well connected with the top beam (top plate), and it is not allowed to bear with one claw. The pillar should be strong against the mountain

10. The pillar should be consistent with the top beam reliably, not without shoulder, and should not be hit on floating coal and gangue

11. Stay the upright post, and the error shall not exceed 100mm

12. After the support is stable, the rope should be fastened in time, and the top of the column should be interlocked with the top to prevent the fall of the effective support from hurting people. And strictly implement the relevant requirements of the mine Enron quality standardization regulations

13. The liquid injection gun must be placed after use, and it is not allowed to throw it on the bottom plate

14. Under the condition that the support column under normal support is affected by the side slope or the top and bottom plate, and the travel of the support movable column is less than 200mm, the treatment should be stopped in time to prevent the support column from breaking, popping or bursting to hurt people

15. Before returning to the post, you should be optimistic about the retreat and prepare materials. When you find that there is an unsafe identity, you should deal with it in time. After it is safe, you can stop returning to the post

16. When the pillar is erected or withdrawn, the target that the pillar can be overturned by force must be seriously explained, so that the heart is rare, and it is strictly forbidden to act recklessly

17. The ratio of emulsion is 3 ~ 5%

(IV) other Enron technical methods

1. When stacking sandbags, the sandbags should be well pressed and compacted. The collapse step style should be adopted to finish the sandbags. There is no space between the sandbags, and it is necessary to prevent the sandbags from sliding and hurting people

2. The contact part between the sandbag stack and the top plate and the upper part must be considerate, and no open space is allowed

3. When the sand bag stack is connected to the top or side, if it is impossible to fill all the sand bags, a small sand bag with appropriate sand can be used to connect to the top or side

4. The construction position diagram of sandbag stacking in b4322 coal transportation connecting lane is attached

5. Other matters not covered shall strictly comply with the relevant provisions of the coal mine safety regulations and the coal mine workers' technical operation regulations

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