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Safety technical measures for water exploration drilling construction

1. Safety technical measures for drilling rig operation

(1) the installation of drilling rig and hydraulic system must be stable, horizontal and fixed. Protective railings should be set at the transmission position, and the combination of drilling rig and hydraulic pipe should be close to prevent the shaking of drilling rig during drilling

(2) after the power supply is connected, first turn the gear manually for test run, then power on for test run, turn and pull each operating handle, and check the rotation of each rotating part, the technology of each oil pipe joint and pressure gauge

(3) one person must operate the drilling rig and power transmission. Stop first and then unload the drill pipe and water faucet

(4) when lifting and lowering drilling tools, you must stand and operate the elevator, and your hands are not allowed to leave the handle of the elevator to strictly prevent running

(5) when installing the drill pipe, the drill pipe should not be blocked, bent, and the screw thread should not be worn. When connecting the drill pipe, align the screw mouth to avoid outward inclination and water leakage. When unloading the drill pipe, it is necessary to prevent the pipe tongs from damaging the cemented carbide sheet and flattening the drill bit; When installing drill pipes, they must be installed one by one

2. Safety technical measures for drilling rig operators

(1) drilling workers should dress neatly and neatly, and their lapels, cuffs and trouser legs must be tightened

(2) pay attention to the opening and closing switch, keep your hands on the button and your eyes on the drill, observe and obey the driver's orders at any time, and start and close the switch accurately, timely and quickly

4. Adopt two colors of double window lipstick and green

(3). It is forbidden to brake the running part of the machine directly with hands and feet; It is strictly prohibited to put other items of tools on the protective covers of drilling rigs, water pumps and motors

3. Technical measures during construction

1. Construction shall be carried out in strict accordance with the design, and the design shall not be changed at will; If changes are required, they must be approved by Party A's designers and relevant leaders

2. Technicians should guide, identify and collect data in strict accordance with the design requirements to ensure the core recovery rate and take all the technical parameters obtained

3. Party A shall supervise the construction process and results; At the same time, it is responsible for the relevant matters that need to be handled by Party A in the coordination and negotiation work

4. The construction personnel shall consciously abide by various rules and regulations of the mining party, and the three violations of illegal operation, illegal command and violation of operating procedures are strictly prohibited. If there is any violation, it shall be handled according to the relevant regulations of the mining party

5. The personnel entering the well must be familiar with the disaster avoidance route, and the disaster avoidance route of waterproof, gas proof and coal dust explosion

6. The personnel who go down the well must wear work clothes, rubber boots, miner's lamp and self rescuer, and go up and down the well according to the specified route; BMW

7. When going down the well, pay attention to driving safety, watch and listen to driving signals, so that no one can drive up and down the mountain, and no pedestrians can drive

8. The team leader is a part-time on-site safety officer, who is responsible for leading the staff of the team to go up and down the well, and checking the support of the machine socket, the integrity of the equipment and the situation in the hole after going down the well, so as to achieve safe construction, and no construction if it is not safe

9. The construction site is set up for special use, so that accidents can be reported to the mining party in time

10. Ensure the ventilation, water supply and power supply at the construction site. If there is no ventilation, no construction, and if there is no water or power supply, timely notify the construction personnel, so as to take measures in time to prevent the occurrence of accidents in the hole

11. Ensure that the electrical equipment is intact and explosion-proof. The cable connection should use the special junction box for mining, and there should be no chicken claws and sheep tails

12. Strengthen gas detection management, regularly detect the gas concentration at the construction site, evacuate personnel in time when the gas exceeds the limit, and report to the mine dispatching room. A gas detection automatic alarm shall be hung within 5 meters of the return air measurement at the orifice and kept in good condition

13. Before spud in, the ditches and silos should be cleaned to ensure smooth drainage. If the construction site is lower than the main ditches and silos, the construction site should construct a large temporary sump and install a water pump with sufficient drainage capacity

14. The construction personnel of the mining party shall inform the drilling personnel to evacuate in time before blasting, driving or other construction that may endanger the safety of the drilling construction personnel

15. When consolidating the pipe, the cement grade shall not be less than 525 #, without deterioration and caking, and the cement slurry concentration shall not be less than 1:0.6 (cement: water)

16. After the orifice pipe is fixed, the hole must be swept to the specified depth, and the pressure test must be carried out. The test pressure is not less than 10MPa. Party A's personnel must be present during the pressure test, and both parties must sign for approval after the pressure test is qualified

17. If the drilling hole needs to pass through the aquifer (three ashes), the orifice pipe gate valve and blowout prevention device should be installed in advance, and all devices must be flexible and reliable

18. The back pressure device is to prevent the drill pipe from being shot out by the water pressure during drilling, damaging the equipment or causing personal injury accidents, so the back pressure device must be installed

19. Strictly implement the shift handover system, and make on-site shift handover when going to and from work, and make clear the situation, footage and horizon of the shift

20. Technical problems during construction shall be reported to on-site technicians in time for timely solution

21. In case of sudden increase of water inflow and water pressure in the hole and top drilling, it is not allowed to lift or continue drilling at will. It is necessary to report to the on-site technical personnel for treatment and to the mine dispatching room

22. During the construction process, during normal drilling, except for the operator, other personnel shall not be close to the operating part of the machine, so as to avoid injury accidents

23. During normal construction or drilling, except for operators, do not get close to the hole opening to prevent people from being injured by water spraying and gangue spraying in the hole

24. The downhole personnel shall not take off their boots or hats, remove the miner's lamp and self rescuer, and shall not sleep underground or lie on their backs for rest. During the rest, they shall check the top and upper conditions to see whether the market scope and development speed of the plastic industry are also accelerating, and whether there are people working nearby. They can sit down and rest after confirming safety

25. Do not walk around underground at will, do not stay away from the construction site when there is no leader, and do not enter the roadway that is not ventilated or does not know whether it is ventilated; When walking in the main lane, especially when carrying conductive tools, you must always pay attention to the traffic and strictly prevent the occurrence of transportation accidents. At the same time, pay attention that the tools in your hand should not touch the overhead line

26. When using middle and lower drilling tools in clinic, the tools and drill pipes in hand should be held firmly to prevent falling into the hole and causing accidents in the hole

27. It is strictly forbidden to bring kindling and cigarettes underground; It is strictly forbidden to go down the well after drinking and smoke underground

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