The hottest titanium dioxide began to rise again.

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Titanium dioxide is rising again? It is said that the reason is that this

titanium dioxide starts to rise again? It is said that the reason is because of this

September 11, 2017

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entering September, just as students began to worry about homework in the new semester, titanium dioxide also brought "September troubles" to downstream coating and other chemical enterprises: Recently, several titanium dioxide enterprises announced price increases: on September 1, Xinli titanium industry announced that the export price of titanium dioxide would be increased by $150/ton, The flat cabinet UFO announced an increase of 500 yuan/ton for titanium dioxide; On September 4, Detian chemical announced that the price of anatase titanium dioxide increased by 500 yuan/ton; On September 5, Shunfeng titanium and Jinmao titanium announced that the price of titanium dioxide would be increased by 500 yuan/ton; On September 6, longmang Baili, CNNC titanium dioxide, Zhenti chemical industry, Pengbo titanium industry and super color joined the price rise Army... Titanium dioxide ushered in another wave of price rise at the beginning of September

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titanium dioxide starts to rise again? It is said that the reason is because the environmental protection inspector

has to know. In fact, the price rise trend of titanium dioxide in recent years is obvious to all, and most people in the industry are no longer surprised by its rising performance. As for the reasons, "supply and demand theory", "shutdown theory", and even "artificial manipulation theory" all have their own views. Various opinions, many of them, are difficult to reach a conclusion. However, looking back at the price rise in early September, one of the reasons has been recognized by many people. Many people in the industry believe that this factor has indeed driven the price rise of titanium dioxide

this factor that cannot be ignored is the continuous implementation of environmental protection supervision. In August 2017, the fourth batch of environmental protection inspectors of the central government officially kicked off this year. Among them, the key areas of supervision include Shandong and Sichuan, the major provinces producing titanium dioxide pigments. The operation of titanium dioxide pigment enterprises in the two places has been significantly affected, and many enterprises have stopped production and limited production. According to statistics, during the period of environmental protection supervision, the supply of titanium dioxide in Sichuan and Shandong provinces decreased by about 90000 tons

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titanium dioxide starts to rise again? It is said that the reason is that the output of titanium dioxide has been significantly affected

take Panzhihua area in Sichuan as an example. As early as July, the local Panzhihua vanadium and Titanium Industrial Park was ordered by the government to rectify, the slag yard in the park stopped operating, and the chemical enterprises in the park were facing a total shutdown. The production tear strength values of many titanium dioxide enterprises, including Panzhihua haifengxin, tihai technology, Lizhuo vanadium titanium, Tidu, daxiaotong, Xingzhong, are generally related to the sample shape, tensile speed and experimental temperature, which are more or less affected. In August, after the inspectors began to improve the overall air quality in the vehicle with new scientific and technological materials, many titanium dioxide pigment enterprises in this area have stopped for rectification. The components made of them have smaller density, higher notch impact strength of simply supported beams, and equivalent bending strength and tensile strength. According to statistics, the impact of this round of supervision on the overall titanium dioxide supply in Sichuan Province is about 50000 tons

look at Shandong, another major titanium dioxide pigment production province. After the environmental protection supervision team was stationed in August, the construction of titanium dioxide enterprises in Shandong also declined significantly. Among them, Shandong Dongjia, dawn group and Jinan Yuxing all shut down their 400000 ton units. Shandong Jinhai group has only two production lines in three lines, and its initial plan is to start the devices one after another around September 10. It will take another week or so to resume production. Industry insiders predict that this round of environmental supervision will reduce the output of titanium dioxide in Shandong by nearly 40000 tons

affected by stricter environmental protection and limited start-up, the capacity of titanium dioxide industry that has actually been shut down, partially shut down and unstable start-up is more than 900000 tons. After setting the test method, the end of the experiment can automatically appear after the end of the experiment. According to the public data, comparing the difference between 2015 and 2016, it can be seen that in 2016, the withdrawal capacity of small and medium-sized titanium dioxide enterprises reached 365000 tons, the number of titanium dioxide production enterprises decreased from 46 to 39, and the effective capacity was less than 3million tons. And with the deepening of supply side reform and the further improvement of the industry access threshold, small titanium dioxide production enterprises are still likely to continue to be eliminated

list of import and export data

in addition, a large number of titanium dioxide products in China are exported abroad, which also has an impact on domestic supply and demand. In June 2017, China exported 78549 tons of titanium dioxide, with a year-on-year increase of 22.96% and a month on month increase of 7.94%. The export volume in a single month hit a record high. The top three countries for export are India, Turkey and South Korea; In January this year, the total export volume of titanium dioxide reached 396000 tons, with a year-on-year increase of 13.74%

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in 2017, China's titanium dioxide export volume and year-on-year growth

due to foreign trade driving inventory, domestic large manufacturers have tight supply, boosting prices for many times. In contrast, the tepid price of foreign titanium dioxide has greatly increased the proportion of downstream enterprises choosing to import, and the import volume of titanium dioxide has increased significantly. At the same time, the phenomenon of serious product homogenization and low-end surplus in China also makes the manufacturing of high-end downstream products in China need to import titanium dioxide. In the first half of 2017, China imported 114536.42 tons of titanium dioxide, an increase of 29.46% year-on-year, of which 21336 tons were imported in June

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in 2017, China's titanium dioxide import volume and year-on-year growth

the future trend still needs to be observed

looking forward to the future, by September 10, the fourth batch of environmental protection supervision will be basically over, enterprises in Shandong, Sichuan and other places are also resuming production on a land-based basis, and the construction of the overall industry has steadily increased. At present, the daily output of Dongjia device has recovered to the level of 200 tons. In the later stage, the overall supply showed a large-scale trend

from the perspective of the end market, although the golden nine and silver ten is the traditional peak season, and the demand side is expected to improve, under the current large environmental protection high-pressure background, the improvement of the overall demand side is still worth watching

at the same time, we should also realize that strict environmental protection inspection can be said to be a "double-edged sword": shutting down some enterprises that rely on environmental pollution in the early stage in exchange for benefits, which correspondingly means that the capacity utilization rate of some qualified enterprises that meet environmental protection standards can be improved. Therefore, the game between supply and demand in the market will continue in the future

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