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Titan atlas flowmeter appears in the Chinese market

with the development of industry, Accuracy of flow measurement "We rely on high-performance modified plastic products, and the requirements for the range are also getting higher and higher, and the flow measurement technology is also developing rapidly. If the accuracy of the flowmeter is not accurate enough, it is impossible to collect accurate data and implement monitoring, which will not only have a negative impact on production, but also cause a series of potential safety hazards. The Fukushima nuclear leak caused by the Japanese earthquake is a good example: the reaction of unit 1 of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant The data measured by the reactor main steam pipe flowmeter were tampered 28 times from 1979 to 1998. Therefore, the flowmeter with high precision, sensitive response and suitable price is particularly important for industrial product manufacturers

atrato is an ultrasonic flowmeter successfully developed by British Titan company through 8 years of research and cooperation with the Department of process engineering of Cranfield University to measure ultra-small flow. It is widely used in the fields of experimental detection, petrochemical industry, food and pharmaceutical industry, beer and beverage industry, metrological calibration, semi conductive loading speed decreasing body factory, leakage measurement, flow alarm and so on. With its ultra-small flow, coaxial signal and the ability to achieve ideal timing accuracy, Atrato has become a new market leader. The improvement of its performance better meets the needs of industry users and creates more market application space for flowmeter

atrato has the following functional features:

first, advanced ultrasonic technology ensures the high accuracy of Atrato in full range and full specification, with a measurement range ratio of 200:1 and an accuracy of better than 1.5%., When the pressure is higher than 10bar, the time difference measurement accuracy can reach 250 picoseconds, which can ensure the measurement accuracy of the flowmeter. This has reached an unprecedented technological level in the field of flowmeter, and is currently in a leading position in Europe

second, the smooth and fine pore structure with high difficulty is conducive to liquid flow and ensures its measurement of ultra-small flow

third, USB interface and supporting software to realize detection. Users can directly connect to the computer through USB interface, detect the flow and cumulative flow through the computer interface, and change working parameters, such as unit, pulse resolution, etc. If the flow, cumulative flow and analog signal board are occupied, the programming and operation can be completed directly by computer. Operation and measurement data statistics can be recorded, played back, etc

in 2011, the high-performance modified plastic obtained by titana can replace some mechanical parts on the car, and the trato flowmeter has made a strong landing in the domestic market. The China Automation mall has shocked, giving strong feedback with preferential prices and good after-sales service quality, which is super powerful! A new round of rush buying of flowmeter will be grandly kicked off in China Automation mall! New and old users can start a crazy rush to buy Atrato flowmeter! Limited quantity, first come, first served

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