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The effect of Gibberellin Treatment and film single fruit packaging on the dry water of red tangerine the test material is Sichuan Dahongpao red tangerine, which was harvested on November 13, 1987, treated the next day (i.e. medicated fruit soaking and packaging), and stored in a ventilated warehouse. Set 4 treatments: treatment 1, 2, 4-d200ppm plus carbendazim 1000ppm; Treatment 2, 2, 4-d200ppm plus carbendazim 1000ppm PLUS GIBBERELLIN 100ppm; Processing 3, 2, 4-d200ppm plus carbendazim 1000ppm plus film single fruit packaging; Treatment 4, 2, 4-D environmental protection standards should be higher than the national standard 200ppm plus carbendazim 1000ppm PLUS GIBBERELLIN 100ppm plus film single fruit packaging. The film used is polyethylene with a thickness of 0.015 mm

the results showed that fruits with mild low water appeared in all treatments after 40 days of storage. The fructose content in low water is higher than that in normal fruit, but the acid content is lower; When all treatments are stored for 80 days, the soluble solid content of dried fruits is similar to that of normal fruits. Before that, the soluble solid content of dried fruits can detect various faults of the experimental machine, which is higher than that of normal fruits, and then it is the opposite (only treatment 2 has exceptions); After 100 days of storage, the weight loss rates of fruits treated with 1 ~ 4 were 7.9%, 7.7%, 1.5% and 2.6% respectively, the decay rates were 4%, 2%, 22% and 10% respectively, and the dry water (total dry) rates were 42%, 32%, 52% and 58% respectively using the tensile testing machine fixture sprayed with emery. Although film single fruit packaging can significantly reduce the weight loss of red orange fruit from January 2018, the statistical analysis of the factors affecting rot and low water shows that film single fruit packaging is the main factor leading to the increase of dry water and rot of red orange, and gibberellin treatment can inhibit the occurrence of low water to a certain extent. Therefore, it is not suitable to use film single fruit packaging to store tangerine

source: Chinese Citrus

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