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The amount involved in the titanium dioxide counterfeiting case may be more than 100 million

4000 square meters of factory buildings, 4 warehouses, more than 800 tons of "raw materials", 19 workers, and a production line... Recently, the Tongan Economic Inspection Brigade of the Fujian Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce and the Economic Investigation Brigade of the Tongan District public security branch jointly enforced the law, and removed a titanium dioxide counterfeiting dens located in Hongtang town of the District, seized the value of raw materials of 12million yuan, and seized the value of counterfeit products of 800000 yuan, There are 4 persons in charge of controlling counterfeiting. According to the preliminary estimate of law enforcement officers, the amount involved in this case may exceed 100 million yuan, which is the "first case" of chemical counterfeiting in Xiamen caused by white pollution, mainly this kind of waste plastic

on the 15th of this month, the Tongan Economic Inspection Brigade of the Fujian Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce received a tip that there was a suspicious warehouse in sucuo village, Hongtang Town, Tongan District. The machines in the warehouse often roared, which may be a fake dens. After preliminary investigation, the industrial and commercial personnel, together with more than 10 law enforcement officers from the Economic Investigation Brigade of Tongan District Public Security Branch, attacked the site the next day

law enforcement officers saw at the scene of the sucuo industrial zone that this simple iron sheet was covered, and the aluminum sign of "titanium dioxide warehouse" was hung at the door. There were four warehouses inside, with a large amount of titanium dioxide stacked inside, and there was a production line on site

according to Chen Junjie, leader of Tongan Industrial and Commercial Inspection Brigade, when the law enforcement officers attacked the scene, 19 workers were in the process of production and processing. They only saw that they unpacked bags of packaged titanium dioxide, poured it into the production line, and finally sealed it with other bags, "completely as if nothing had happened"

counterfeit products of several brands

after inspection, law enforcement officers found that workers were changing the titanium dioxide of a brand in Guangxi into "taiaohua", using low-cost titanium dioxide for production and processing, and then turning it into a higher price "famous brand" titanium dioxide packaging bag for sale. This is undoubtedly a fake dens

according to the industrial and commercial personnel, this dens belongs to an industrial and trade company in the island where the employees of our experimental machine factory are well treated. After receiving the order, the company slows down and drives the precision lead screw pair to load. It uses fax to contact the dens, and the factory director organizes and directs production. However, these workers, even the factory director and warehouse keeper, are migrant workers from other places, and they do not know whether their production and processing is illegal

after investigation, the industry and trade company has a business license, but it is only limited to the wholesale, retail and processing of chemical products, but secretly carries out the activities of making and selling fake products. Suspected of making dozens of varieties of titanium dioxide, such as "taiowa", "Tina", "tronox"

it is reported that the products produced and processed in this dens are sold to Jiangxi, Guangdong and other places at relatively low prices. For example, the authentic "taiowa" is 18000/ton, and the "taiowa" produced by this fake manufacturing dens is only 15000/ton

the amount involved may exceed 100 million

this shelter covers an area of about 4000 square meters. Due to suspected unlicensed production and operation and trademark infringement, law enforcement officers seized 800 tons of raw materials and dozens of tons of counterfeit products stored in four internal warehouses, with a value of about 13 million yuan

is one of the fastest-growing new materials in recent years. According to Chen Junjie, after consulting the account books of the industry and trade company, they preliminarily estimated that the amount involved in this case may exceed 100 million. At present, it is still under further accounting, which will be the "first case" of Xiamen chemical counterfeiting. Yesterday, industrial and commercial personnel have rushed to Gansu and other places to further visit the affected companies

it is reported that four people, including the legal representative of the industry and trade company, the "factory director" and the warehouse keeper of the fake manufacturing dens, have been detained according to law after the incident, and the case is under further trial

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