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Tyres welcome AI! Will it become the next tuyere in the tire industry

with the continuous development of IOT, big data and artificial intelligence (AI technology) and the continuous reduction of manufacturing costs, the road has been widened for the development of intelligent tires, and users have higher and higher requirements for driving safety. As the only part of the car that contacts the road, tires are the top priority of driving safety. Because of this, smart tires are also gradually standing on the industrial tuyere

Artificial Intelligence road of foreign wheel enterprises

in October 2019, Sumitomo rubber announced that it had successfully developed a new technology based on artificial intelligence - "tyre leap AI


Sumitomo rubber uses this technology to analyze electronic micrographs of rubber mixtures, so as to achieve high-precision analysis far beyond the existing human capabilities, so as to accurately predict the actual performance of rubber with the structural data found in the image. At the same time, integrating the raw material data contained in the rubber compound with the internal structure data can further improve the accurate estimation of rubber properties. In addition, this technology can also accurately detect the structural friendship before and after the use of rubber. Tips: if there are unclear local changes, it can predict the performance changes of rubber after use

in November 2019, Hantai tire said that it had developed a prediction model virtual composite design (VCD) system to use the characteristics of artificial intelligence tire composites, which will shorten the development cycle of new composites by 50%

according to the company, the technology used in the VCD system can predict the characteristics of composite materials and obtain the best combination of materials through artificial intelligence analysis (this technology is based on the accumulated data that has not been actually tested in the tire data development process). Hantai tire said that the new system will shorten the development cycle of new composite materials by 50%

Hantai tire successfully applied artificial intelligence to predict the performance of composite materials, and is planning to extend this technology to the whole process of tire development, from material selection, design, tire testing to the whole production process including batch production

domestic rotating enterprises entered the list of artificial intelligence pilot projects

in May 2019, Shandong Provincial Department of industry and information technology publicized the list of the first batch of pilot demonstration enterprises and projects of "modern advantageous industrial clusters + artificial intelligence". This list is divided into two parts: "modern advantageous industrial clusters + artificial intelligence" artificial intelligence industry direction (30), modern advantageous industrial clusters + artificial intelligence "integrated development direction (120)

Shuangxing, Linglong, Sailun and Pulin Chengshan were shortlisted, and the first batch of pilot demonstration enterprise projects of "modern advantageous industrial clusters + artificial intelligence". In addition, the demonstration project of high-end six axis linkage EDM machine tool and tire mold intelligent production line of Shandong Haomai Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. and the R & D project of artificial intelligence based tire forming equipment of tightening experiment of soft control Co., Ltd. were also successfully shortlisted, Become the leader of artificial intelligence in the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial revolution

AI = intelligent manufacturing

artificial intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science that involves the research, design and application of intelligent machines. Its main goal is to study the use of this machine, which plays an important role in the miniaturization of batteries, to imitate and perform some intellectual functions of the human brain, and to develop relevant theories and technologies

intelligent manufacturing is a combination of technologies and practices of advanced sensing, instrumentation, monitoring, control and process optimization. They integrate information and communication technology with the manufacturing environment to achieve real-time management of energy, productivity and cost in factories and enterprises

from the concept of the two, it can be seen that artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science, an intelligent machine, and it can also refer to an application ability similar to human intelligence. From the concept description of intelligent manufacturing, we can see that intelligent manufacturing is a more advanced and optimized manufacturing system (including tools, processes, dynamic optimization management system, etc.), its theme is still "manufacturing", the core way is automation, informatization to intelligence, and the pursuit is energy conservation, quality improvement and efficiency increase

the key technologies of artificial intelligence and intelligent manufacturing are very different, but they also have a certain common relationship in technology: intelligent manufacturing is the foundation of artificial intelligence, and the intelligent machine of artificial intelligence can serve the intelligent manufacturing industry. It can be judged that the more the combination of artificial intelligence and intelligent manufacturing is realized, the more beneficial it will be to the respective development of artificial intelligence and intelligent manufacturing industry

will smart tires become the industry tuyere

in order to improve the safety of vehicles, fuel efficiency and prolong the service life of tires, major tire brands have started the competition to create smarter tires:

1. Michelin

Michelin is one of the first manufacturers to integrate RFID into its commercial truck tire portfolio, which was officially announced in 2017. It is reported that Michelin launched the "Michelin tire care" software earlier in the industry. When truck and bus users use/download and use the software on a tablet computer, they can obtain tire information

2. Goodyear

in November 2019, priva

mobility cooperated with Goodyear tire to test a new type of smart tire. Equipped with sensors inside the smart tire, Goodyear and priva can use their proprietary algorithms to collect real-time tire data, including wear, speed, temperature and tire pressure data. These tire data will be updated in real time and shared with fleet operators through applications

3. German marque

in March 2018, German marque officially launched a new commercial fleet digital tire monitoring platform con, with a general ticonnect. The system can help the fleet maximize efficiency and send an alarm when the tire pressure deviates from the defined value

4. Pirelli industrial tyres

on September 19, 2018, Pirelli launched a new Cybertechnology: two latest fleet solutions - cyberfleet smart and cyberfleet

gate. It is reported that the smart tire equipped with the cyber sensor can effectively extract the key road information of the tire, save up to 4% of the fuel cost, prolong the tire life by about 10%, and reduce emissions, which is safe and environmentally friendly

5. Zhengxin rubber

cr105 is a smart tire product under Zhengxin, which can be implanted with an intelligent chip. This chip will transmit important information data such as the temperature, speed and tire pressure around the tire to the terminal or vehicle display screen, which plays a vital role in real-time monitoring tire information and ensuring driving safety

6, Guizhou tire

Guizhou tire smart tire system, users can use the terminal to scan the tire bar code, monitor the tire pressure, tire temperature, mileage, wear, speed and other data in real time, and can also track and locate in real time through GPS. At the same time, it will remind owners to maintain and replace tires through data calculation

it still needs time to verify the impact of artificial intelligence on the tire industry in the future. At present, most tire enterprises still show a welcoming attitude towards artificial intelligence

as the owner of a tire store, we should always pay attention to the emergence of new products, and consider whether to introduce and display them to attract customers; We should always pay attention to the emergence of new equipment, be able to explore more tire data, accurately find the problems of tires, and help car owners maintain and repair

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