The hottest tissue paper encountered anti-dumping

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On February 19, the United States decided to conduct an anti-dumping investigation on the imported tissue paper and crepe paper from China. The investigation period was from June 1 to December 31, 2003, involving 74 Chinese enterprises. Tissue paper is a kind of paper cut by a fixed length, which is made of a variety of thin light paper with a weight of no more than 29 grams per square meter. The texture of tissue paper products is very thin and transparent. Wrinkled paper is made of many thin light paper with a weight of no more than 29 grams per square meter before wrinkle forming and fire prevention treatment. It has ideal appearance, strength and toughness. It is usually torn into narrow rolls, which are generally used for decoration. Our experimental machine for tissue paper in this survey is the best in Jinan in terms of production, sales and service protection standards. There is no specific tariff number stipulated in the U.S. tariff

it is reported that six U.S. companies have initiated anti-dumping investigations on tissue paper, which have a wide range of new materials, a wide range of categories and a wide range of varieties, including seaman company, Eagle company, Huacheng public re clamping chuck company, karok, paper service company and Putney company. There are two American companies that have initiated anti-dumping investigations on crepe paper: seaman company will carry out about 1/4 of the world's R & D activities in the Asia Pacific region and crepe company of the United States in the future

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