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Tissue will bid farewell to the "one yuan one bag"

in the past month, there have been endless reports that the international pulp inventory has fallen to the bottom, and the soaring pulp price will trigger a reshuffle in the domestic household paper market. With the rise of global pulp prices, domestic coated paper and "Liu Xuesong said that the price of printing paper has been raised, and the price of household paper, which is closest to people's lives, has also begun to lose its final bottom line, quietly rising since April. According to insiders, the price of medium and high-end household paper will be comprehensively increased by 10% in May, and the paper towel will bid farewell to the history of "one yuan one bag"

the international pulp price has jumped step by step

it is understood that at present, the international pulp inventory has reached the lowest point in history, and the international pulp price has risen from $420/ton at the beginning of 2003 to $650/ton, an increase of more than 54%, breaking a record high. Moreover, due to the lack of domestic wood resources, many paper-making enterprises use imported pulp as raw materials for paper-making. The rise in international pulp prices has increased the cost of paper-making for enterprises. Mainly engaged in Zhenzhen, weijieya, 1 Host: the host is supported by a height adjustable framework (manager Gu of jinhongye paper Shenzhen company, which has three brands of machine base Qingfeng, told that the current trend of price rise has been uncontrollable, and the production costs of enterprises that rely on internationally imported pulp production, such as jinhongye, have remained high.

manager Gu said that the desire of the paper industry not to adjust prices has been dashed, and the cost rise is so fast that many paper-making enterprises have suffered from the spring mechanics test of your company I can't help but start raising prices. It is understood that as early as before the Spring Festival, Vida paper adjusted the prices of some products according to the rise of raw materials. Among them, the price of rolled paper per box increased by more than 10 yuan, and the price of a piece of paper increased by more than 1 yuan

the promotion war ended.

when the prices of coated paper and printing paper rose one after another, there was a voice in the industry that household paper would become the new force of the second wave of price rises, and the price of household paper with relatively stable prices rose to varying degrees in April

at present, the latest news has also come from the markets of Guangzhou, Fuzhou, Nanjing and other major cities, and some household paper prices have been quietly raised. So, what is the situation of Shenzhen market? After visiting the major supermarkets in our city, I learned that although the price of household paper containers has not changed significantly, there are even promotional activities of various paper towel brands, and there is no upward trend. However, the usual paper towel promotion war has basically begun to shrink. Several supermarket purchasers told that the price reduction discount would not last long, because pulp was in short supply in the market, and some manufacturers had run out of stock

manager Gu told that at present, the intensity of these promotional and price reduction activities is getting smaller and smaller, and some brands have begun to raise prices in April. It is understood that at Sam's club, a box of Vida roll paper, which was originally sold for 34.9 yuan at 6 prices, has been sold for 36.9 yuan, with an increase of 2 yuan. At the same time, it was also learned from insiders that jinhongye had raised the selling price of some handkerchiefs of its Qingfeng and Zhenzhen brands by about 10%

the price of household paper was comprehensively raised in may

although the price rise pressed the paper enterprises out of breath, there has been no movement in the market in recent months, and the first-line brands have also been slow to stand still. Many enterprises admit that they are worried that being the first to eat crabs will be abandoned by the most realistic consumers, because no matter who provokes the price increase first, who will face the risk of losing customers

but at present, this last line of defense has also broken through. Manager Gu said that at present, paper enterprises have been unable to withstand the impact of the rise in raw materials. As the leading app in China's household paper market, Qingfeng, Zhenzhen and weijieya of its brand app jinhongye have said that they plan to raise prices throughout the "May Day" in the Shenzhen market, which is estimated to rise by about 10 points. It is reported that since the establishment of the plant in Chinese Mainland, app7 has not raised its price in the past 7 years. Manager Gu said that the price increase was really a last resort

once the boss raises the flag of price increase, it means that manufacturers of major brands will open the bottom line and act. It is understood that at present, most household paper suppliers have said that they will comprehensively raise prices in May. Even low-grade napkins produced with straw pulp may face price increases across the board, and the domestic volume is large; The situation of "one yuan a pack of paper towels" that has lasted for many years in the digital temperature value market will end

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