Gardening in Mallorca- The bright colours of Olean

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Gardening in Mallorca: The bright colours of Oleander - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

I admit that I am frequently repeating myself whilst writing this column but that is what gardening is all aboutThe ban will not apply on freight. As one season follows another the same jobs need to be done time and again but along with that the sheer beauty and colour of this Island also repeats itself time and again. We see the fields with bales of hay ready to be carted away that reminds us we are coming into harvest time and these same fields no longer have the lush green colours but their hedges are frequently full of the bright colours of Oleander that when planted with the alternate colours this local shrub produces makes one wonder how it survives with so little water…

This is one reason for pointing out Oleander, it is really hardy once established and perfect for this climate never seeming to need watering even when in full bloom now in high summer. The mixture of different reds, pinks and creamy white when planted alternately make a stunning sight and this huge bushy shrub will grow really tall so is always best planted as a backdrop in a garden and in the evenings has its own fragrance just to enhance it even more.

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It takes really easily from a cutting so is one of the easy plants to propagate yourself. As with all things in the garden there is always a ‘but’ and the biggest BUT of the Oleander is the fact that every part of it is poisonous. Leaves, stems and flowers can all leave some poison on the hands from the sap which can cause skin irritation and real damage should you rub your eyes with this sap on your fingers. All of this can be overcome by being cautious and carefully washing hands after handling but the outcome is really worth while.

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