The owner shall clearly agree in advance to stay a

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The owner should clearly agree in advance to stay away from the disputed area

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in the process of home decoration, some behaviors and situations belong to the high incidence zone of disputes. If you don't pay attention, the owner and the home decoration company will argue endlessly: whose fault is it? Who is responsible? Even if the responsibilities can be distinguished in the later stage, both parties not only waste time and energy, but also spoil their mood. For the owner, it is necessary to master relevant knowledge in advance, know some things, consciously put an end to some behaviors or take corresponding measures in advance, and try to stay away from the dispute as far as possible

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whether material handling should be charged

in the process of home decoration, many materials are delivered by manufacturers and decoration companies. In most cases, delivery is free. However, some expenses are easy to cause disputes. For example, some manufacturers only deliver goods downstairs, not at home. If the owner requires the workers of the manufacturer or decoration company to deliver the goods from downstairs to their homes, they need to pay extra. Some owners think that it is only a small effort to move the workers, and it is not troublesome. Some owners even think that this is arbitrary charging. But for workers, handling not only delays work and consumes physical strength, if there is damage or injury during handling, the responsibility is not well defined

tips: agree in advance not to go back

the owner needs to understand the scope of free delivery. If the main materials are purchased through the decoration company, the decoration company is generally responsible for free delivery. If the main materials are purchased, they will be delivered by the manufacturer. If it is delivered by the manufacturer, you should confirm with the manufacturer at the time of purchase where the free delivery is to be delivered. If it cannot be delivered upstairs, you can ask the workers of the decoration company to deliver the goods or choose a small worker to deliver the goods by yourself. If the decoration company has clear regulations on the delivery price, it is OK to sign a contract directly. If the decoration company does not specify it, it needs to negotiate with the workers in advance and try to write it into the contract to avoid disputes caused by undefined responsibilities after accidents such as ceramic tile damage and worker injury





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