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Many parents want to give their children the best living conditions possible, and the Chongqing owner in this case is no exception. In order to give their children a better living environment, they decided to create a natural and comfortable living space. The whole house is made of solid wood, which is safe and comfortable

your figures running happily in the sun

curved eyes, twinkling a little bit of starlight

silver bell like laughter sprinkled all the way

the song of birds in the treetops

filled with joy

if the spring breeze in March has a source

it must be from your smiling face

the breeze blows, and time becomes soft

you are love and warm, Hope

many parents hope to give their children the best living conditions as far as possible, and the Chongqing owner in this case is no exception

the child is 5 years old. For the sake of a better living and learning environment for the child, they decided to move to the community in the university town

in order to give children a better living environment, they decided to create a natural and comfortable living space. The whole house is made of solid wood, which is safe and comfortable

project introduction

address: No. 166, South Second Road, University Town, Shapingba, Chongqing (next to Huxi campus of Chongqing University)

building: Jinke Langqiao water Township

house type: four bedrooms and two halls 137m2

style: simple European style

series: Ode to joy

color: warm white

house type comparison

original house type layout

layout after design

design description <

this case is mainly American rural and simple European style, It has an idyllic flavor

take the warm light grayish green as the wall color, and the quiet surface is full of vitality, fresh, flexible and full of vitality

light wood furniture and beige sofa are dotted with grey blue pillows. Against the backdrop of beige sisal carpet, these warm and mellow light colors are combined, full of natural simplicity

whole house design


in this case, due to the limited size of the shoe cabinet, while meeting the function of putting shoes, it also has the intimate functions of temporarily putting bags and storing small items. At the same time, another group of shoe cabinets are arranged in the space, which can temporarily hang clothes and bags, and the design of the couch is convenient for the owner to change shoes in and out

living room

consider the family's preference for reading, open the partition between the living room and the balcony, and let the outdoor sun shine fully. Facing the white bookcase, the sofa is refreshing and quiet. Reading on the off white sofa, the sun shines behind through the light green gauze curtain, and the heat curls in the porcelain cup on the wood colored tea table, wrapped with the fragrance of clear tea

the TV cabinet in the living room is mainly decorative, and the cabinet body is combined with decoration. The arc shape breaks the overall shape. The cabinet body uses the door to keep the space tidy while being used for storage


matte antique bricks, almond colored tables and chairs, showing delicate luster, flowers in full bloom in glass vases, elegant and quiet, geometric decorative mirrors showing a lively taste; The same kind of color matches the restaurant, making use of the difference between light and shade to create a rich sense of hierarchy

the dining room wine cabinet continues the arc shape of the living room, so that the space is unified. The design of the couch reflects the feeling of pastoral freedom and comfort, and the functions in the cabinet meet the daily storage and placement

the master bedroom

the bedroom continues to use light green, fresh color, loose and rich natural flavor. The wardrobe is designed as a hanging area for easy access. It is distinguished from the storage function of the cloakroom in terms of functional classification, and some luggage items can be placed

the transformation of the cloakroom, increase the storage function of the space, mainly stack, and design the dressing table to meet the needs of the hostess and create a small space belonging to women

second bedroom

the second bedroom wardrobe meets the storage needs of all kinds of clothes in terms of functional classification, including hanging, stacking and drawer storage. The hollow out storage rack in the middle not only provides storage and display space, but also reduces the depression of the overall cabinet

children's room

the design of the children's room highlights the sense of customization of the whole room. The bookcase, wardrobe and tatami are integrated to create a space for children to study, rest and play

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