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Decoration regret Encyclopedia - Design Chapter

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1. My family let designers design many places, and it was found that most of them were not bright spots. Now I don't know the effect. I designed a lot of glass decoration, but I found that several places were easy to hit, no matter whether the glass was broken or not, they were very dangerous

2. When dealing with designers, I must be very determined to tell my favorite style. Otherwise, there is no difference between your home and other designs of the designer. In short, we should think more and see more. We can't be lazy

3. Decoration design is very important, including the whole design style, from details to switch lighting design. We must check it well. When we find problems later, we almost have no regrets

4. Don't completely believe in the design. Don't recognize many DD's that you can't imagine. Keep an eye on them during the construction process. If you find something wrong, change them immediately. It's too late to change them after the next process is completed, at least for the sake of the rework cost

yes, I just can't completely trust designers. You should have your own ideas, let the designer improve, and supervise yourself in the construction process

I just trust the designer too much. For the time being, I don't talk about creativity, but about size. The designer himself lacks life experience. The size of the designed things is wrong. The workers construct according to the drawings, and the things they make make people cry and laugh. Later, I got into the habit of measuring everything at my residence first, and then measuring it at my new home for comparison. If there is a wrong size, rework it quickly. Ha ha

5. Design is very important, if you pay the money. But it can't be paid in a lump sum after the construction starts. It's better to pay together at the end. I paid it off before the construction started. Later, the decoration company said that the construction node drawing was incomplete, and I asked the designer to make up some (the designer was very reluctant). During the construction, I still encountered many practical problems. It is best that the designer can come to the construction site every week to communicate with the construction personnel. I am not in the same company for design and construction. Originally, I worked in the company where the designer worked, but the designer only made some simple designs. Later, I went outside to do construction, and the designer added many new DD

6. TX that needs glass should be considered clearly.

My Designer claims to be modernist and uses a large amount of glass

during the construction, it was found that it was very difficult. First, there was the problem of handling. The large glass elevator could not come at all, so we had to use small pieces to put them together again

secondly, it costs 250 yuan to make a mold for glass modeling. No matter how small the glass is, it also needs a mold (if the designer designs curved glass for you)

thirdly, it is the safety of glass. In order to be safe, I removed the all glass door in the kitchen and became an open kitchen strongly opposed by my colleagues; For safety, I changed all the flat glass into tempered glass, using many meters more; For safety, I decided to use 650 yuan/square of laminated glass for the glass arc wall

finally, after using a lot of glass, I found that my home was a bit like a hotel

7. The circuit diagram produced by the designer was not carefully studied. Now I found that I was very disappointed, especially in weak current

and there is no double control switch at home, hey.... I decided that if I had another chance, I would design the circuit myself

8. Professional design: some people may think that home decoration should be practical and not magnificent. Don't hire a designer. This idea is wrong. In my opinion, hiring a designer can make your decoration process organized and easy to communicate. Especially for some details, such as how to arrange the lines, where to put the sockets, the direction of the water pipes, and so on. If you are a very insightful and conceptual person, you can find a designer with low fees. Your purpose is to let him design concealed works well

if you really don't have any concept or idea about decoration, you can find a designer with more ideas. In addition, you must ask the designer to provide a list of the price and quantity of all inclusive materials and labor. In this way, you can have a preliminary understanding of the decoration project of your new house. At the same time, it also provides you with preliminary information to find the price of relevant materials

9. The biggest regret is that you trust the designer too much, while the designer only cares about the overall effect and considers too little about the actual use effect. Moreover, there are many sequelae left, and there are too many things to mend. Incidentally, we are looking for the "* point design" in aibang building. We must not look for this one. The price is expensive, the workmanship quality is too poor, and many details are terrible. If you still delay the construction period, please don't be fooled again

10. My decoration regret - Design

many students hire designers when decorating. I have decorated two houses and hired two designers

now I feel that a big problem is the disclosure between the designer and the decoration team. Be sure to ask the designer and the decoration team to make a good disclosure. If possible, call the decoration team together at the design stage, so that the decoration team can well understand the designer's ideas

1) be careful when looking at the drawings

the designer will often give you a pile of well-designed drawings that look neatly printed. Don't think your house will be as perfect as the drawings. The confirmation of drawings must be carefully confirmed bit by bit, especially for various sizes. Whether the height of the floor and ceiling is deducted, and whether the unity of the cabinet door and internal design is considered (even the cabinet, because the matching of the door and the drawer is unreasonable, the drawer has been modified repeatedly after it is finished)

2) whether the switch of strong current is reasonable, designers often try to save trouble, simply use the mouse to draw casually on your room shape map, without considering the actual daily use habits. For example, the lamp in the bedroom has no dual control function, and some switches and sockets are set behind the door, which will bring great inconvenience to future life

3) weak current design

many designers don't understand the design of weak current at all, and the decoration team doesn't understand it. Just dive well. There are special posts on weak current in this fence forum, which is of great reference value

11, and the comparison with downstairs 201, I regret that I didn't hire a supervisor at that time (the main reason at that time was that I didn't know where to find a reliable supervisor). 201 downstairs is the home decoration center of OBI Jinqiao store, with a supervisor. Although I used the construction team of Obi, it was from the love home center of Putuo store without supervision

the construction of downstairs 201 is indeed quite standardized, especially in hydropower projects. Strong and weak electricity are arranged separately, and even the pipelines that are not buried underground have protective sleeves. Look at mine, it's much worse. Strong current and weak current are arranged together, close together, and they won't change after talking to them, and they also say that all people do this





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