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During the acceptance of the decorated house, the acceptance shall be carried out one by one according to the contract agreement of both parties, and professionals can be invited to help

during the acceptance of the decorated house, the acceptance shall be carried out one by one according to the contract agreement of both parties, and professionals can be invited to help. The acceptance of the house should first look at the construction quality and equipment of the kitchen and bathroom, such as whether the water supply and drainage are unobstructed and whether there is leakage. It should also check whether the drainage has peculiar smell, whether the sanitary ware is firmly installed, and whether the wall and floor tiles have hollowing of more than 3%. These facilities have the highest utilization rate in daily life, so they should be the focus of acceptance

type 1

gas pipeline: generally, the gas pipeline should go through the open pipe, so that once there is a gas leakage, it can be found in time, which is convenient for maintenance and does not leave hidden dangers for safety

formula 2

around the pipeline leading to the outdoors: usually, the pipeline leading to the outdoors is not completely closed, causing rats to enter the room through the gap. The best way is to completely seal the pipeline with cement

type 3

discharge flue: the discharge flue is easy to deform and fall off due to high temperature in daily life, so it is necessary to check whether the flue is firmly installed during acceptance to avoid falling in the future, which will not only hinder the elimination of smoke, but also affect the appearance

type 4

cabinet door: due to the smaller space and the error of cabinet size, the cabinet door cannot be fully opened, which makes it difficult to open and close, affecting the use

type 5

cabinet countertop: in order to save materials, some decoration companies often do not use a whole piece of stone to lay the countertop, and there are gaps in the docking part, which is not flat, easy to hide dirt, and difficult to clean

type 6

kitchen sliding door: due to poor design, construction or poor quality of materials used, it is easy to cause difficulty in pushing and pulling the sliding door, or the gap is too large, and smoke will enter the living room

type 7

kitchen top gusset plate: check whether the gusset plate fits closely with the wall, leaving gaps that affect the appearance

type 8

stove: check whether the stove is firmly installed, whether the gas connection is smooth, and whether there is peculiar smell after ignition. Gas leakage is very dangerous

type 9

bathtub: check whether the bathtub is firmly installed and whether the surrounding area fits closely with the wall. If there is a gap, it is required to use silica gel to fill it as soon as possible

type 10

sewage outlet of bathtub: put a certain amount of water, mark the height, and check whether there is water leakage after a period of time

type 11

shower: stand in the bathtub and check whether the height of the shower is appropriate. Too low or too high will affect the use

type 12

Yuba: open Yuba and check whether the ventilation and heating conditions are normal

type 13

water heater pipeline: whether the water outlet of cold and hot water is smooth, especially whether the water temperature of hot water is high and low

type 14

socket: whether the circuit is normal and whether the height is moderate. In addition, due to long-term water mist and high humidity in the bathroom, the circuit safety should be protected, and whether the socket is equipped with a waterproof cover

15th style

toilet: some developers shorten the distance between the toilet and the bathtub in order to make the bathroom have a greater sense of space, which will be very uncomfortable to use

16th style

doors and windows: whether the doors and windows open smoothly. After long-term use, the doors and windows are easy to deform due to moisture, so a certain gap should be left





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