The most practical bar decoration scheme

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The bar is the favorite of young people. If there is a little extra space at home, everyone may want to decorate an emotional bar. Today, let's see how to decorate a bar that is both emotional and practical

combine the T-shaped design of the cabinet to build an overall dining table. The simplified design language and exquisite T-shaped structure perfectly integrate the kitchen and restaurant. Meal preparation and cooking are divided into two interrelated units, and the dynamic line between alienation has also been enriched

black and white cabinets are not uncommon. The L-shaped cabinet extends out, and the curved arc forms a perfect self-contained bar, with a comfortable small design. At present, the post-80s generation is the main force of decoration, and their personality is full of dreams and pursuits. In this way, the overall cabinet with its own bar is very attractive to them. Cool black baking paint with white countertops, rich fashion flavor

the bright and lively retro style brings a charming small space to the kitchen. The L-shaped cabinet can help the director prepare ingredients and cook conveniently and effectively. Light beige plain pastoral style, natural with a little warmth, simple with romance, brings a fresh taste of grass to your kitchen. The white cabinet is matched with the artificial stone countertop in log color, which has a strong rural and simple style. In addition, the storage space of the whole cabinet is very rich, so the kitchen won't be scattered everywhere

this is a log cabinet suitable for small houses. The curved design is chic and novel, and the powerful storage space is not inferior to other large-size cabinets at all. Dark logs with white marble countertops match the depth, neutralizing the visual experience

dark blue has always been a synonym for cold and gorgeous. Coupled with the paint baking board, the surface visual experience is smoother. The dazzling coldness and beauty makes the kitchen exude a calm mood. People who cook here will have a calm state of mind, which makes people calm down and effectively avoid the harm to their bodies caused by mistakes

there are relatively more restrictions on the selection of kitchen cabinets with small space. It is not simple to want such cabinets to be beautiful and practical. This cabinet in the picture must make many experienced cooking women jealous. The simple and compact appearance fully meets the indoor cooking needs, and the powerful storage space should not be underestimated. The built-in electrical appliances make the interior cleaner and cleaner. Part of the red wine shelves that can be used as a bar and a table are also very bright

black cabinets may make the interior look dark, but you might as well learn to make a light colored ornament in the picture. A chair and a vase are enough. White cabinet countertops can also well alleviate this dark visual sense. The black cabinet is naturally easy to take care of, and its appearance is fashionable. It is really a good home product

the freshness of blue is loved by many people, and the collocation of blue and white is a good choice. The elegant sea blue paint baking board integral cabinet, paired with metal kitchen utensils, looks delicate and elegant. The blue paint baking board cabinet with a slightly darker color is naturally more convenient to take care of, and will not worry about fading

Xiaobian summary: installing a bar in the kitchen is not only a fashion, but also a young lifestyle




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