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Dealers are the front line of business directly facing end consumers. In the modern business battlefield, competition and competition are no longer limited to hardware aspects such as quality products and store image. Without the support of enterprises, it will be difficult for dealers to rush alone. In view of this, when choosing a franchise brand, dealers should pay attention to whether the brand can provide continuous support for themselves

"at that time, I chose to join Cohen kitchen appliances, which was not only attracted by the unique design and high quality of Cohen's full range of kitchen appliances, but also attracted by the practical assistance policy of Cohen business school." Wang Zhirong, a distributor of Cohen appliances Anhui Tianchang, said that according to President Wang, he had been engaged in cabinet customization before joining Cohen, and then learned about the brand of Cohen through the introduction of relatives. He was interested in the products and market operation mode of Cohen. He visited the headquarters of Cohen to learn more about the full range of kitchen electrical products and had in-depth discussions with the company's leaders. He was familiar with the one-to-one dealer market assistance policy of Cohen, and officially joined Cohen in December 2016, Become one of more than 2100 dealers in Cohen

since the opening of Anhui Tianchang Cohen franchise store, it has not only attracted a large number of consumers to experience and buy by relying on Cohen's strong brand awareness and reputation, but also attracted many designers of decoration companies. They often bring decoration owners to the store to choose products, and always choose kitchen and electrical products that meet customers' requirements every time. Mr. Wang also said that consumers who have used Cohen kitchen appliances will basically introduce their relatives and friends to buy them. The main reason is not only our own considerate service, but also the excellent quality assurance of Cohen's full range of kitchen appliances, which has led to continuous transactions. Moreover, with the help of Cohen business education team, President Wang's team also actively participated in many alliance activities and single store blasting activities, and achieved remarkable results

in the next business, I believe that with the support of Cohen's innovative design and high-quality full range of kitchen electrical products, as well as the help of Cohen headquarters' education and business school, President Wang will certainly strengthen and expand his business and achieve a new win-win situation with Cohen headquarters





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