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Chinese traditional colors have a long history and honest accumulation. Each color is pure and advanced, and each color condenses thousands of poems, which can be called absolutely beautiful


recently, Yanxi strategy and Morandi color have been popular in major official account and circles of friends. I believe everyone has also been affected by various Amway

the gray tone in the play, which reduces the brightness and saturation, gives people a sense of visual lightness and pleasure, so many people think it is Morandi color

but a senior artist "jumped out" and said: This is not a "Morandi color", but a traditional Chinese color

it is not difficult to distinguish the two

Morandi color belongs to bright gray tone, and the color is white

Chinese traditional color deviation is calm, and the color is made by adding water and ink

looking at the stills of Yanxi Raiders, we found that the tone in the play was more calm, obviously adding ink instead of white. Moreover, the traditional Chinese color is richer and thicker than the Morandi color, emitting a classical sense of retro depth, introverted and luxurious

after using traditional Chinese colors, the clothing and scenery of the whole "Yanxi" show a harmonious, calm, soft and comfortable feeling. The whole is pure but not gorgeous, gray but not dirty. You can feel the full sense of retro and advanced across the screen

Chinese traditional colors have a long history and honest accumulation. Each color is pure and advanced, and each color condenses thousands of poems, which can be called absolutely beautiful

the use of traditional Chinese colors is an indispensable part of Chinese style decorative colors. In ancient times, people combined color with the theory of Yin Yang and five elements to form five symbolic colors: green, red, yellow, black and white

black and white is the love of ancient literati, to show their elegant and introverted, indifferent and noble character. Therefore, black gray white and ink calligraphy and painting are commonly used as decorative colors and decorations in Chinese style decoration to create an atmospheric and elegant space atmosphere:

Stanley home Zen series (purple gray oak + clear maple)

Stanley home Zen Series in the United States inherits the elegance and simplicity of the traditional classical style in color, but unlike it, it adds many modern elements, At the same time, modern design is combined with traditional Chinese decorative elements, and exquisite ink paintings and lamps are decorated to present an ancient and modern, comfortable and elegant space atmosphere

Stanley home Zen series (purple gray oak + clear maple)

prefer the bedroom with gray tone, creating a soft and elegant home atmosphere and bringing a sense of warmth and comfort

American Stanley home new Chinese Zen series (purple gray oak + clear maple)

the door panel and window grill shape with glass decoration is a perfect collision between traditional and modern elements; The simple texture and tone, combined with concise and beautiful lines, all convey the charm of ancient Chinese style; TV cabinet, floating window cabinet and desk hanging cabinet are designed in one, which is more practical and has larger storage space

red is noble and elegant, because the Palace door columns and furniture decorations will bring a little "red" to show wealth

since the Zhou Dynasty, "vermilion" has become Chinese orthodoxy. Artisans grind cinnabar ore carefully and paint it on oracle bone inscriptions to show "Brightness", which will not fade after 3000 years

later, there were Emperor Zhu PI and noble Zhu men. Vermilion is also used to copy Buddhist scriptures. "Yanshihong" is cinnabar red, "cinnabar red" is Chinese red

the reference color of the stills - cinnabar in traditional Chinese colors

the red walls of the palace gate in "strategies for the celebration of the Jubilee" all use vermilion to express wealth, magnificence and arrogance. Many freehand plum blossoms in traditional Chinese painting will use vermilion to show Mei's noble and arrogant performance

the red cherry color used by Stanley home Zen Series in the United States, although not as bright, gorgeous and eye-catching as vermilion, is also noble and elegant:

Stanley home Zen Series in the United States - red cherry color

is not as elegant as vermilion, which is difficult to control. The slightly gray red cherry color is not Zhang Buyang, soothing and elegant, more gentle and implicit, making people feel like spring breeze, warm and comfortable, and the more you look, the more you like it

Stanley home Zen series - red cherry

ink paintings on the bedside wall and Chinese decorations on the display cabinet inject elegant artistic conception into the bedroom, which seems simple and simple, but in fact has infinite charm; The wardrobe, bookcase and window cabinet are integrated, combining emptiness and reality, integrating tranquility, steadiness, nobility and elegance, and the storage and display coexist; The door panel absorbs traditional window tracery modeling elements, and the beauty of Chinese style is beyond words; Coupled with the red cherry color matching, it is antique, like a classic precipitated by years






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