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The boards used in home decoration include large core board (Blockboard), plywood and directional structural particleboard. At present, the board market is true or false, and the quality is uneven. How to choose good quality boards

the boards used in home decoration include large core board (Blockboard), plywood and directional structural particleboard. At present, the board market is true or false, and the quality is uneven. How to select the boards with good quality

plate collection on the market

integrated board refers to the solid wood board on the market. Pine and Chinese fir are mostly used as logs, which has good environmental protection performance. However, this board is very easy to deform, which is generally used by furniture factories. This board is basically not used for furniture in home decoration

density board is an artificial board made of fibers directly crushed from wood as the main raw material through crushing, soaking, hot pressing, drying and other processes, which is divided into medium density board, medium high density board and high density board. It is mainly used as a base material, and the surface can be pasted with melamine impregnated paper, wood veneer, paint paper, fireproof board or directly painted

medium and high density are mainly used for blister door panels, and high density is mainly used for laminate floors. Medium density board is fine and suitable for carving. The surface is painted or wrapped with lines. The cabinet door is mostly made of density board, plus decorative panels such as melamine and solid wood veneer


commonly known as big core board, it is a kind of board made of core board, two layers of solid wood veneer and two layers of solid wood surface board, which is suitable for home decoration. Medium density board and particleboard are more suitable for the field of furniture. Compared with medium density board and particleboard, blockboard has the advantages of flat and smooth appearance, convenient use, better moisture resistance and better nail holding force. After the surface is pasted with decorative board or thin density board, it can be used as varnish or oil mixing process. However, there are also obvious disadvantages of large core board, such as insufficient dimensional accuracy and stability of the board, low threshold of enterprises producing large core board, and uneven quality, which lead to confusion in the price of large core board, with the unit price ranging from 50 yuan/piece to 140 yuan/piece


poplar is mostly used as raw material in northern China, and fir is mostly used as raw material in southern China. There are five layers of structure, the middle layer is spliced with wooden square strips, the upper and lower layers of poplar veneer, and the outermost two layers are surface plates. There are 3, 5, 9, 12mm and other specifications, with uneven quality. Brand home decoration companies have replaced plywood with European pine board

oriented particleboard

commonly known as European pine board or OSB particleboard. Wood raw materials are processed by special equipment into planing pieces with a length of 40 mm, 70 mm, a width of 5 mm, 20 mm, and a thickness of 0.3 mm and 0.7 mm. After drying, sizing, and special equipment, the planing pieces of the surface core layer are laid crosswise and directionally, and then hot pressed into shape. This kind of plate can be used as the base material of ceiling, cabinet, etc. and can also be directly painted with varnish

ordinary particleboard is less used in home decoration

special note: Australian pine board and European pine board

many people believe that Australian pine board is Australian pine board, European pine board is European pine board, and even the salesperson on the market will introduce it, but the actual situation is not so. European pine board is a kind of oriented particleboard. It is a registered trademark of Beixin group. It originally refers to the board made of European pine, but at present, its use is not standardized

but Australian pine board is indeed related to Australian pine. Australian pine board is a kind of density board made of Australian pine. Its color is white and its environmental protection performance is good. All of them can meet the E1 standard, and are generally used for self-made furniture. Many Aosong boards are used for door pocket lines made of mixed oil





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