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With the high housing price, many friends have chosen to buy second-hand houses. After decoration and design, second-hand houses are still warm homes. But what are the things about second-hand house decoration? Don't waste money in decoration. Here is a look at the decoration of second-hand houses compiled by Wuhan home decoration network

aging water pipes

the age of second-hand houses is generally very old, so when decorating the home, we must carefully reinstall the waterway, and do not save trouble and use the original waterway. Xiaobian reminded the owners that if the original pipelines used galvanized pipes that had been eliminated, they must all be replaced with copper pipes, aluminum-plastic composite pipes or PP-R pipes. Recommended reading: the most complete second-hand housing decoration strategy in history

bearing wall

the houses of second-hand housing are generally the house types designed by previous developers. Perhaps some space forms are not so fashionable and reasonable, or do not conform to their own wishes. In order to achieve the purpose of decoration, we should transform the space form, and do not dismantle the bearing wall at will. The bearing wall is the main body of the house. Once there is a problem, it will not only suffer economic losses, but also may be subject to legal sanctions

door lock

second hand houses usually experience many homeowners, so in addition to the renovation and decoration of the home before moving in, there is also a safety problem, that is, the replacement of the door lock. Because there have been many residents before, I don't know how many people have the keys to this house, so it is very important to replace the door lock. If the doors and windows are stripped of paint, they can be repainted, but if the main body of the doors and windows has been corroded, they must be replaced with new doors and windows





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