Xinbiao home can't accompany her to travel around

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Want to see the world? Now you can feel the beauty of the world without going out. The new standard home garden style home brings you the elegant enjoyment of roaming the world, and gives you an idyllic home from the living room to the bedroom

"the world is so big that I want to see it."

it is said that this is "one of the most emotional resignation letters in history"

if she said, "I also want to see it. The world is so big." If it happens, you can't accompany her to see the thousand year old ancient capital Xi'an, visit the gentle Suzhou gardens, taste the beautiful scenery of the City Dali, appreciate the Kanas of the Yunjian tribe, explore the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon with her, and feel the elegance and refinement of Shangri La with her... However, you can send her a romantic and warm pastoral stylist

living room

configuration: TV cabinet and sliding door

adopt subtle and elegant warm colors, advocate the white home with soft lines and small broken flowers, convey a romantic and elegant taste, and meet the needs of people to get close to nature and remember the quiet pastoral life

new standard home garden style living room

romantic Beige linen furniture is beautiful and fresh, with elegant space color matching, and the garden style living room gives people a comfortable and warm feeling

leisure bar

configuration: the open design of wine cabinet, bar and locker

makes the space more open, looks more warm under the action of light, creates a peaceful living atmosphere, and the busy urban life returns to nature, so that people can reduce pressure, relieve body and mind, and the skylight increases the amount of sunlight entering the room, making it more refreshing and comfortable


configuration: windows, floating window cabinets, bookcases, wardrobes, beds, bedside cabinets, eco doors

soft and comfortable bedding, light colored floral wallpaper, coupled with sky blue lattice sheets, the full use of floating windows increases the storage function, and the light is put into the room, which is more refreshing and comfortable, creating a perfect bedroom space


configuration: bookcase, desk, storage bed

pastoral style emphasizes bringing nature into home and pursuing tranquility. This is very consistent with the needs of the study. An idyllic study is easier to calm down

there are not enough rooms at home. How to squeeze out a study in the room? So this design is definitely what you want to see. A large cabinet with a storable bed can generally be used as a study. The storage space is strong enough. When there are guests to put it, you can easily free up a room by opening the mystery in the door





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